Best of LaxCon 2015

Nothing in this post is a paid endorsement, but instead the actual opinions of our staff.

The annual lacrosse convention is the best place to get a gauge on what is going on in the world of lacrosse. We saw Major League Lacrosse host their annual draft, one of the best representations of American indoor lacrosse, and the best companies in the lacrosse world. We’re here to recap it and discuss some of the best of what we saw.

Shoot N Scoop


This was a new and unique product that I just learned of for the first time at LaxCon. The product has a pitch-back sort of net and when you hit it, it falls into a bucket and out a compartment that rolls back to you. It’s great for practicing accuracy. I even tested it out and have some video of me missing the net that will never see the Internet… I hope.

Brain Sentry


Brain Sentry are doing some amazing things for concussion treatment. They are already working with some SEC football teams and the Arena Football League, and are now moving to lacrosse. They have a sensor on the back of a helmet that will track when a player gets hit and how many times they do in a game, week, month, or season. This way they can figure out possibly why a player is taking so many hits and protect them. It also flashes red when a player needs concussion evaluation from a big hit.



HeadWrapz have been around for a while but they had some amazing helmets this weekend. The most interesting helmet was featuring Major League Baseball’s Baltimore Orioles in the team’s home town during the convention. They also featured helmets for several NCAA and MCLA lacrosse teams along with their own custom wraps.

Joule, JimaLax, and LaxWax

All three of these companies do great work (LaxWax was the most popular giveaway product of the weekend but that’s only like half the reason they are being posted here). The three companies had a booth together and it was cool to see some Joule sticks together with JimaLax mesh. They had a hardest shot event as well that was very popular.


A mainstay every year at LaxCon, Bamshaft always has something interesting. They now have some fiddlesticks with their bamboo shafts and owner Paul Cain does a great job with his products. They were also kind enough to participate in one of our radio giveaways. There are a lot of wooden shafts out there but they are unique with their bamboo.



Cradlebaby just partnered with the National Lacrosse League and have some designs with team logos coming out pretty soon. That could be good news for NLL fans who want to play indoors or practice their cradling skills. The product attaches a lacrosse ball to a string-custom designs, of course- that you tie to the head of your lacrosse stick. You can then practice cradling even indoors!

Kahna Lacrosse

There are a lot of sunglasses brands, but Kahna, making their debut at LaxCon, were the most fascinating. They have their sunglasses designs actually in the shape of a lacrosse stick. The glasses parts are shaped like the head with the shaft as the part that rests behind your ears. They could become a very popular product for lacrosse fans and players.