Bill O’Brien Adds Toughness to Black Wolves

You don’t usually see many college football players go into the world of pro lacrosse. If anything, you see more lacrosse players go into the NFL, players such as; current Buffalo Bills, Chris Hogan and Houston Texan, Will Yeatman. One player, Bill O’ Brien has just made the jump into the NLL.

O’Brien was a three-year starting defensive end and linebacker at the Division One AA, Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. Growing up in Syracuse, O’Brienwent to Lafayette high school and played sports along side fellow teammates, Jerome and Jeremy Thompson. It is also the same school that New England Black Wolves teammate Brett Bucktooth attended as well.

Lately, O’Brien has been doing great things in the lacrosse world, he recently tried out for the Iroquois Nationals field team as a defensive men and was named one of the top 40 players to try out. Also, this past summer he helped improve the defensive end for the Onondaga Redhawks and helped the team capture both the Can-am championship and the Presidents cup, which is given to the best team in all of senior B lacrosse. O’Brien is also working with the Thompson Brothers lacrosse company to help grow the game of Lacrosse across the country. O’Brien is also very into fitness and training which helps improve his game.

Standing at 6 foot 4 inches and a solid 235lbs O’Brien  is adding a lot of size to the New England Black Wolves defense. He is also very in shape and will be a huge asset to his team when he is on the floor this season. He is an aggressive defensive player who is not afraid to use his skill to ensure the competition doesn’t score.

Going into Black Wolves free agent camp and looking to show his skill and what he could bring to the team and then ultimately making the active roster is a huge accomplishment for Bill, or any player for that matter. One thing is for sure, O’Brien is not afraid to work hard and become an even better player. Be sure to look for Bill to do some big things for the New England Black Wolves during the 2015 season.