Brodie Merrill & Brandon Miller Franchised by Wings

The Philadelphia Wings have placed franchise player tags on Captain Brodie Merrill and goaltender Brandon Miller for the 2014 season.  Both players were unrestricted free agents.

Merrill and Miller have over 21 seasons of experience in the NLL and represent the center of the Wings leadership.

Brodie Merrill, a transition player from Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, appeared in 14 games last season. Statistically he finished with 10 goals, 16 assists, and 123 loose balls recovered.

Brandon Miller was named to the NLL All-Pro Second Team last season. He appeared in 15 games and compiled 556 saves while only allowing 12.12 goals per game. Miller reached a career milestone by recording his 4,000th save in 2013.

This season both Merrill and Miller will have help.  On defense Tucker Durkin selected 19th overall will be looked at to contribute to the defense.  Along with Durkin, second year player C.J. Costabile improved weekly last season.

Miller will receive much needed help as the Wings acquired third year goaltender Evan Kirk from the Swarm just days before the draft. As Wings fans know the last few seasons have been a who’s who as far as a back-up goes.  With Kirk you have a young goaltender who not only is a solid backup for Miller, but can also step in and be a starter as well.  With an 18 game schedule this pick up was a must.

Under the new CBA both Merrill and Miller will receive a salary of $33,971 for being tagged as franchise players.




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