Dube Blog: USA Camp Wraps Up First Week

Day 2 is in the books, we’re hitting the road a bit earlier than scheduled. It’ll be nice to get home before 2 am even though I could have scrimmaged for at least another hour.

7:30 am came pretty quick this morning but a coffee and a Red Bull later I felt alive again. We hit the floor for warmup a bit after 9 then got some shooting practice in. I was surprised to see how good some of the D guys can rip, I can see a bunch of them pushing the ball well. After that we got right into some odd man and set offense work. Pace was pretty good and once again plenty of reps to be had. My legs felt so much better today than last night.

To end the day we had a white and blue scrimmage. We divided up and got up and down a bunch. Ethan Farrell played like a madman diving all over and Joe Evans stopped a lot of shots in tight. We played a bunch of quick periods to keep everyone fresh and the game felt productive.

They cut us a bit early so back to New Hampshire I go hope the roads are better than the way down. – Dube