Hopkins, Ohio State Amongst Programs to Wear STX Stallion Helmets

As the 2015 NCAA lacrosse season approaches, teams continue to gear up. Most will wear Cascade R’s following the helmets’ modifications. Warrior Regulators will cease to exist. That leaves STX Stallion 500’s to be donned by some teams.

Rumors are that Johns Hopkins, THE Ohio State, Cornell and UPenn will be among programs currently lining up to wear the new helmets in 2015. Without needing to be said, the mockups I saw were pretty freaking awesome!

I saw two mock ups, Ohio State and Cornell. Cornell, if their deal goes through fully, will looks similar to previous models, red or white solid, but these helmets will have red chrome face masks and really cool decals.

THE Ohio State has two mock ups as well.

The first mimics the football team’s helmets, but will have the red/white stripes running the whole length of the helmet. Right up the center of the face mask, across the top to the back. They look cool.

The second mock ups were DOPE! Chrome red/silver split horizontally, silver on bottom. Chrome red face masks, and awesome decals on the shells. The horizontal split is kind of like Duke and Denver’s from last year, without the shade fading. Just straight up split. The chrome really makes it pop, and the chin guard boasts awesomeness as well.

Of the teams mentioned above, only Penn and Ohio State are guarantees.

Look for the new STX Stallion’s on the NCAA fields this spring. For teams that do use them, they’re out of this world cool. Much better than the white/black basic sets in stores.



Reconfirmed today that Hopkins will still with Cascade helmets this 2015 season.