MLL Mock Draft: Round One

December 28, 2012

We’re two weeks away from the 2013 MLL Collegiate Draft. Like most pro sports it’s always intriguing to see which college stars will be selected to play at the next level and what kind of fit they will be with their new team. Mock drafts are always tough. The human element of the front offices mean there could be plenty of surprises, such as trades and sleeper picks. But here…


What Was the Biggest Story in Lacrosse 2012?

December 23, 2012

Lacrosse saw yet another big year at the pro and college levels, with new leagues and new champions and new records. What were the biggest stories of the year? We have ten big stories here, make sure to vote on which one you think is the biggest. NLL Hold Outs We saw several hold outs in the NLL this season. First it was Athan Iannucci holding out before his trade…


2012 Supplemental Draft Impact Players

December 20, 2012

The Supplemental Draft doesn’t (always) net a team the biggest names in MLL, but it’s a nice place to add depth to a team. Given the right opportunity, a player who may not have had a chance with another squad could really flourish with his new team. Some names that were scooped up in last year’s draft were Chazz Woodson, MLL Defender of the Year Lee Zink, Ari Sussman and…