MLL 10-or-12 Man Protected Rosters Announced

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The following lists were released by the teams of Major League Lacrosse today as who was and was not protected.

Boston Cannons
Brent Adams Midfield Protected
Kevin Buchanan Attack Protected
Davey Emala Attack Protected
John Glesener Attack Protected
Josh Hawkins Midfield Protected
Will Manny Attack Protected
Scott McWilliams Defense Protected
Joe Nardella Midfield Protected
Scott Ratliff Defense Protected
Max Seibald Midfield Protected
Wells Stanwick Attack Protected
Chad Wiedmaier Defense Protected
Craig Bunker Midfield/FO Unprotected
Jordan Burke Goalie Unprotected
Rob Emery Midfield Unprotected
Tyler German Midfield Unprotected
Adam Ghitelman Goalie Unprotected
Brodie Merrill Defense Unprotected
Jack Murphy Goalie Unprotected
Ryan Tucker Midfield Unprotected
Ryan Young Attack Unprotected
Charlotte Hounds
Mike Chanenchuk Midfield Protected
Kevin Crowley Midfield Protected
Kevin Cunningham Attack Protected
Kevin Drew Midfield Protected
Michael Ehrhardt Defense Protected
Ryan Flanagan Defense Protected
Brendan Fowler Midfield/FO Protected
John Haus Midfield Protected
Will Haus Midfield Protected
Joey Sankey Attack Protected
Brett Schmidt Defense Protected
Garrett Thul Attack Protected
Thomas DeNapoli Attack Unprotected
Terry Kimener Midfield Unprotected
Pat Laconi Midfield Unprotected
Henry Lobb Defense Unprotected
Kevin Massa Midfield Unprotected
Mason Poli Defense Unprotected
Mike Sawyer Attack Unprotected
Jake Tripucka Midfield Unprotected
Justin Ward Attack Unprotected
Chesapeake Bayhawks
Matt Abbott Midfield Protected
Jesse Bernhardt Defense Protected
Dan Burns Midfield Protected
Matt Danowski Attack Protected
Matt Donovan Midfield Protected
Michael Evans Defense Protected
Tyler Fiorito Goalie Protected
Matt Mackrides Midfield Protected
Brendan Mundorf Attack Protected
Charlie Raffa Midfield Protected
Joe Walters Midfield Protected
Drew Westervelt Attack Protected
Niko Amato Goalie Unprotected
CJ Costabile Defense Unprotected
Patrick Harbeson Midfield Unprotected
Chris Hipps Defense Unprotected
Ben Hunt Midfield Unprotected
Jason Noble Defense Unprotected
Eric O’Brien Midfield/FO Unprotected
Nikko Pontrello Attack Unprotected
Jeff Reynolds Midfield Unprotected
Henry Schoonmaker Midfield Unprotected
Denver Outlaws
Erik Adamson Midfield Protected
Wes Berg Attack Protected
John Grant Attack Protected
Anthony Kelly Midfield/FO Protected
Eric Law Attack Protected
Chris O’Dougherty Defense Protected
Dillon Roy Defense Protected
Max Schmidt Defense Protected
Jeremy Sieverts Midfield Protected
Michael Simon Defense Protected
Drew Snider Midfield Protected
Dillon Ward Goalie Protected
Chris Bocklet Attack Unprotected
Matthew Bocklet Defense Unprotected
Michael Bocklet Attack Unprotected
David Dickson Midfield Unprotected
Greg Downing Midfield Unprotected
Brent Hiken Midfield/FO Unprotected
Cameron Holding Midfield Unprotected
Noah Molnar Midfield Unprotected
Jeremy Noble Midfield Unprotected
Justin Pennington Midfield Unprotected
Domenic Sebastiani Midfield Unprotected
Florida Launch
Steven Brooks Midfield Protected
Connor Buczek Midfield Protected
Tucker Durkin Defense Protected
David Earl Midfield Protected
Pat Frazier Defense Protected
Roman Lao-Gosney Midfield Protected
Christopher Mattes Midfield/FO Protected
Kieran McArdle Attack Protected
Casey Powell Attack Protected
Brett Queener Goalie Protected
Lyle Thompson Attack Protected
Miles Thompson Attack Protected
Tom Croonquist F/O Unprotected
Nick Galasso Midfield Unprotected
Casey Ikeda Defense Unprotected
Austin Kaut Goalie Unprotected
Cameron Lao-Gosney Midfield Unprotected
Bobby Lawrence Defense Unprotected
Joe LoCascio Midfield Unprotected
Jovan Miller Midfield Unprotected
P.T. Ricci Defense Unprotected
Chad Tutton Midfield Unprotected
NY Lizards
Drew Adams Goalie Protected
Ned Crotty Midfield Protected
Steve DeNapoli Defense Protected
Joe Fletcher Defense Protected
Matt Gibson Attack Protected
Greg Gurenlian Midfield/FO Protected
Kyle Hartzell Defense Protected
Steven Holmes Defense Protected
JoJo Marasco Midfield Protected
Tommy Palasek Attack Protected
Rob Pannell Attack Protected
Paul Rabil Midfield Protected
Charlie Cipriano Goalie Unprotected
Chris LaPierre Midfield Unprotected
Conrad Oberbeck Attack Unprotected
Dylan O’Shaughnessy LSM Unprotected
Jerry Ragonese Midfield/FO Unprotected
Michael Skudin Defense Unprotected
Brian Spallina Defense Unprotected
Mike Stone Midfield Unprotected
Kevin Unterstein Midfield Unprotected
Ryan Walsh Attack Unprotected
Ohio Machine
Peter Baum Midfield Protected
Jake Bernhardt Midfield Protected
Jimmy Bitter Attack Protected
Kyle Harrison Midfield Protected
Marcus Holman Attack Protected
Brian Karalunas Defense Protected
Brian Phipps Goalie Protected
Jackson Place Defense Protected
Gregory Puskuldjian F/O Protected
Tom Schreiber Midfield Protected
Steele Stanwick Attack Protected
Dana Wilber Defense Protected
Kevin Cooper Midfield Unprotected
James Dailey Attack Unprotected
Dan Groot Midfield Unprotected
Ryan Izzo Midfield Unprotected
Matt McMahon Defense Unprotected
Michael Noone Defense Unprotected
Scott Rodgers Goalie Unprotected
Logan Schuss Attack Unprotected
Steven Waldeck Defense Unprotected
Rochester Rattlers
John Galloway Goalie Protected
Will Koshansky Defense Protected
John Lade Defense Protected
Dave Lawson Midfield Protected
John LoCascio Defense Protected
Jordan MacIntosh Midfield Protected
Mike Manley Defense Protected
Donny Moss Midfield Protected
Jack Near Midfield Protected
Kevin Rice Attack Protected
Joel White Defense Protected
Jordan Wolf Attack Protected
Jesse King Midfield Unprotected
Michael Lazore Midfield Unprotected
Mark Matthews Attack Unprotected
Mike Poppleton Midfield/FO Unprotected
John Ranagan Midfield Unprotected
Sam Somers Goalie Unprotected
Randy Staats Attack Unprotected
Jordan Stevens Defense Unprotected
Ty Thompson Attack Unprotected
Justin Turri Midfield Unprotected


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