NLL Qualifying Offers: Duch, Steenhius, Westervelt Signed

by Marisa Ingemi | Posted on Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

NLL Free Agency opens tomorrow, and today teams are giving qualifying offers to some of their players. Here, we keep track of all offers from each club.


Bob Snider, Drew Westervelt- avoid restricted free agency.

Restricted Free Agents: Joel Dalgarno, Joey Cupido, Dan Ball, Chet Koneczny, Mike McNamara

Unrestricted Free Agents: Casey Powell, Sean Pollock, Athan Iannucci, John Gallant, Ian Hawksbee, Nick Carlson


Peter McFetridge, Dane Dobbie, Daryl Veltman- avoid restricted free agency

Restricted Free Agents: Curtis Manning, Travis Cornwall, Scott Carnegie, Mike Poulin, Frankie Scigliano

Unrestricted Free Agents: Andrew McBride, Scott Ranger


Brendan Mundorf, Jordan Hall, Brett Manney- avoid restricted free agency

Restricted Free Agents: Kevin Croswell, Kevin Buchanan, Evan Kirk, Ned Crotty, Bill McGlone, Paul Rabil, Kyle Hartzell, Max Seibald, Joel White, Jeff Reynolds

Unrestricted Free Agents: Kyle Sweeney, Stephen Hoar, Tracey Kelusky


Corey Small, Brett Mydske, Jarrett Davis- avoid restricted free agency

Restricted Free Agents: Cory Conway, Nik Bilic, John Lafontaine, Jeff Cornwall, John Lintz, Tyler Carlson


Greg Downing, Tyler Hass- avoid restricted free agency

Restricted Free Agents: Corbyn Tao, Mitch Belisle

Unrestricted Free Agents: Jeff Gilbert


Rhys Duch, Matt Beers, Mike Grimes- avoid restricted free agency

Restricted Free Agents: Jamie Lincoln, Chris O’Dougherty

Unrestricted Free Agents: Brett Bucktooth, Jeff Moleski, Matt Roik


Mark Steenhius- franchised

Steve Priolo, Rory Smith, Andrew Watt, Jay Thorimbert- avoid restricted free agency

Restricted Free Agents: Glen Bryan, Jamie Rooney, Kurtis Wagar, Joe Smith, Drew Petkoff, Alex Kedoh Hill

Unrestricted Free Agents: Anthony Cosmo, John Tavares, Chad Culp, Ken Montour, Shawn Williams

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