Panos Q&A: NLL, Division Two, Junior Lacrosse


American indoor lacrosse legend Chris Panos is back with his weekly column. Make sure to use the hashtag #PanosQ&A on Twitter and Facebook, or email to submit your questions for the week.

How does D2 and D3 lacrosse compare to club teams like MCLA? 
Generally speaking, the rosters are usually much deeper with overall talent and athleticism, although there are some very good MCLA Club teams that could give some of those lower NCAA D-2 and D-3 programs some quality games.

How do you feel about the direction of the NLL?

With the lacrosse growth in general, I’m optimistic. The league continues to draw interest from other cities to expand and hope that trend continues. Would like to see more TV and media exposure, as well as national marketing campaigns on behalf of the NLL and their respective franchises.

When do you think the USA will have junior lacrosse? 

I’m currently working closely with the Arena Lacrosse League to help develop junior lacrosse across the United States. There will be a major emphasis on indoor skills, strategies and nuances to help young American players create good sound fundamental habits. You can find more information at

What do you think of the overlap of players in pro leagues and Canada?  

I like to play as much lacrosse as possible, so I don’t really think it’s a big deal to have overlap. Certainly each team will want to have you on the field for them, but if you can balance both and be productive, it shouldn’t be a concern.

Chris, who was the toughest player you ever went up against? 

That’s a tough question, as I have had many battles with so many of the game’s best defenders and antagonists the pro game has seen. Some that do come to mind in no particular order would have to include, Andy Ogilvie, Pat Coyle, Regy Thorpe, Neil Doddridge, Bruce Alexander, Rodney Tapp, Dan Ladoceur, Glenn Clark, Taylor Wray, Jeff Moleski, Brad MacArthur to name a few.