PLL: All Quiet On The Western Front

We are nine days away from the PLL season, but things seem rather quiet. To some, a tad too quiet. None of the teams rosters have been announced yet. We assume that Charlotte and Jacksonville have groups together since they’ve had a great deal of time, but its a very different story for the league’s two newest franchises. New Jersey has managed to sign six players to their roster (one of which being goaltender Nick Schroeder). If you think that isn’t many for being just over a week away from the season look at the Reading Rockets. Reading has yet to sign any players to their roster.

The league has also seen a change in leadership only weeks away from the season as Brett Vickers recently stepped down as league commissioner. Nick Derosiers of the Rascals is now the lead of the league. Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a change like this in the NALL/PLL. The NALL dismissed commissioner Phil Evans before a game was played and the teams of the PLL group tried to oust Caruso from the position as well.

We’ve seen the PLL be aggressive already and make some moves that have looked quite good so far. Each team has a venue lease, and all the venues seem like great places to host indoor lacrosse. The league has made good partnerships that will help spread news of the four members of the PLL. PLL teams chose the best and brightest in the Collegiate Draft, including former Virginia star Steele Stanwick. However since we have learned that many of those players did not even know they had been selected.

Of course any sort of new lacrosse league is a tad up in the air, as we all know it isn’t the soundest business decision. It’s a sport that is growing, one that takes time to find its place. With the season now so close fans in the PLL cities and fans of the sport hope that the league can get off the ground and spread the sport into four new markets. Training camps have been held, players have been signed. Now its about time to take the first face-off.

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