Supernova Burn Eclipse in MLL ASG

It’s really hard to leave the MLL All Star game with a frown on your face.  Even though the sky fell out for a while, the rain could not stop the tailgating and game excitement from happening. With players and fans pumped alike, it was not long before the players were pulling out all of their best tricks during the game.  Behind the back goals, 2 pointers, a goalie scoring goal and fun excessive celebrations were a plenty.

Team Supernova brought their A game.  Scoring within the first 58 seconds was Kevin Crowley, taking this to a total of 3 points and 2 assists for the game. He was also selected the Most Valuable Player for the game. This then set the tone for the high scoring game of Supernova 24 and Eclipse 15. Kevin Buchanan for the Supernovas also was the highest scorer for night with 5 goals. Supernova’s Peet Poillon, the veteran, as always certainly pulled his wait.

Team Eclipse seemed to come alive during the third quarter, Tommy Palasek going for two goals consecutively. Then Brett Queener, Ryan Young, Jeremy Sieverts, and Kyle Sweeney came through with goals before Peet Poillon could slow them down. Rob Pannell seemed to be one of the players keeping the Eclipse steady during the game with points and assist.

The skills competition helped to bridge the gap between lighthearted fun and elite skills being shown.  The techniques used, while unconventional, showed some unique combinations for achieving results.  The use of drums, golf tees, hat tricks, and flips proved to entertain and amaze the crowd of 6,000 plus at the stadium.

The festivities continued after the game with fans getting the opportunity to meet the players after the game.  Everyone seemed to have really enjoyed their experience at the All Star game as I saw not one frown as I was leaving as it should be. If I could say anything to the MLL from a fan prospective, it would be Mission Accomplished!