2015 MSL Draft Results

The 2015 Major Series Draft lacked the big name, potent goal scorer first overall pick that the 2014 draft had in Orangeville’s Rob Hellyer, however it did boast a deep crop of talent. The Brampton Excelsiors had a strong Junior team in 2014, which usually means a large graduating class, with the Senior Excelsiors only able to protect two players, they found themselves having to leave the likes of Tyler Ferreria, Matt Bennett, Connor Campbell and Jayson Crawford exposed to fellow Major Series Clubs. However with the Senior Excelsiors owning the first three picks in the draft, they where able to retain some of their local talent.

Round 1
1. Brampton Excelsiors – Tyler Ferreria (T) – Brampton Excelsiors Jr. A
2. Brampton Excelsiors – Matthew Bennett (T) – Brampton Excelsiors Jr. A
3. Brampton Excelsiors – Michael MacDonald (O) – Whitby Warriors Jr. A
4. K-W Kodiaks – Derek Searle (D) – Burlington Chiefs Jr. A
5. Peterborough Lakers – Tyler Albrecht (T) – Burlington Chiefs Jr. A
6. Peterborough Lakers – Wenster Green (D) – Six Nations Arrows Jr. A

Round 2
7. Oakville Rock – Wesley Berg (O) – Coquitlam Adanacs Jr. A (BCJALL)
8. Oakville Rock – Brier Jonathan (D) – Six Nations Arrows Jr. A
9. K-W Kodiaks – Connor Campbell (D) – Brampton Excelsiors Jr. A
10. K-W Kodiaks – Jordan Dance (O) – Orangeville Northmen Jr. A
11. K-W Kodiaks – Jordan Robertson (O) – Whitby Warriors Jr. A / Toronto Beaches Jr. A
12. K-W Kodiaks – Jayson Crawford (D) – Brampton Excelsiors

Round 3
13. Brampton Excelsiors – Eric Penny (G) – St. Catharines Athletics Jr. A / New Westminster Salmonbellies (BCJALL)
14. Oakville Rock – Stu Martin (D) – Six Nations Arrows Jr. A
15. Six Nations Chiefs – Paxton Leroux (D) – Peterborough Lakers Jr. A
16. Oakville Rock – Zach Bell (D) – Brampton Excelsiors
17. Peterborough Lakers – Don Alton (G) – Six Nations Arrows Jr. A
18. Brooklin Redmen – T.J Sanders (O) – Barrie Lakeshores Jr. A

Round 4
19. Brampton Excelsiors – Joel Shepley (T) – Six Nations Arrows Jr. A / Wallaceburg Red Devils Jr. A
20. Peterborough Lakers – Alex Brennan (D) – Clarington Green Gaels Jr. B
21. Six Nations Chiefs – Anthony Patterson (D) – Six Nations Arrows Jr. A
22. K-W Kodiaks – Seth Laidlaw (O) – Halton Hills Bulldogs Jr. B
23. Oakville Rock – Eli McLaughlin (O) – Coquitlam Adanacs Jr. A (BCJALL)
24. Brooklin Redmen – Kyle Whitlow (O) – Barrie Lakeshores Jr. A

Round 5
25. Brampton Excelsiors – Jay Lindsay (O) – K-W Braves Jr. A
26. K-W Kodiaks – Broedie Birkhoff (D) – Burlington Chiefs Jr. A
27. Six Nations Chiefs – Pass
28. K-W Kodiaks – Rance Vigneux (G) – Burlington Chiefs Jr. A / Toronto Beaches Jr. A
29. Peterborough Lakers – Pat McCrory (D) – Whitby Warriors Jr. A
30. Brooklin Redmen – Colton Watkinson (T) – Oakville Buzz Jr. B

*Any Graduating Junior Player not selected in the Major Series Draft, is now eligible to sign/try-out for any of the six MSL Clubs