Lacrosse Lounge Talks to Greg Gurenlian and Anthony Kelly

Tonight on Lacrosse Lounge, In Lacrosse We Trust MLL insider Phil Shore will take some time to talk about the faceoff men who dominated the league this weekend.

The story of the week this weekend was the dominating faceoff performances we saw from the winners of their games.

Two of those faceoff men were Greg Gurenlian and Anthony Kelly. Gurenlian won eighteen of twenty eight face offs to lead the Long Island Lizards to a win over the Boston Cannons, while Kelly shined in his Denver Outlaws debut over the Charlotte Hounds.

Phil will also discuss the league’s playoff picture, where the expansion teams stand, the Cannons second half collapses and much more.

Show time is at eight pm eastern time and it can be heard on Channel One of The Lacrosse Radio Network by clicking the listen live button or by clicking the radio tab in the navigation bar.