ILWT Feature: Medicine Game was therapeutic process for author Delby Powless

December 11, 2020

Books written about lacrosse are few and far between. When they are, you know they’re going to be good because how many people would write about lacrosse unless they had a passion for the game? Today we get to do something fun and chat with the author of one of the best new books of the season, and of course it’s about lacrosse. Medicine Game is written by Delby Powless,…


REVIEW: Powless’ Medicine Game should be under every lacrosse fan’s Christmas tree

December 10, 2020

My first job was at Chapters, which was the family business as I grew up. I am a book snob. I have no problem admitting that. While the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” has generally come to mean “don’t judge a person by their looks,” I absolutely judge actual books by their covers. I mean, you can take one look at a romance novel and know everything…


MO22 Summer of Success

August 27, 2016

Growing up through the St. Louis lacrosse world, there was an abundance of club teams to play for in the summer. Other than maybe a couple years, each team was pretty even talent-wise. All the best players were separated. Then MO22 came along and immediately became the showcase for the entire state. They became, and still are, the team to play for in Missouri. Head Coach Mark Seyer is aware…


Baltimore Claims Command Division Title

July 5, 2016

After a thrilling weekend of Under Armour All-­America lacrosse, Baltimore takes the Command Division Title. Baltimore never lost a game this weekend and came out on top over Philadelphia 6-­5. It was not an easy road for the crab state boys. In the first round of the playoff tournament, they faced New Jersey and handled them pretty easily, 10-­5. Their semifinal matchup was against inner state rival Washington DC. DC…


UA All­ America Boys Command Tournament Round Up, Day One

July 1, 2016

This Fourth of July weekend is host to one of the biggest recruiting events of the summer, the Under Armour All­ America Tournaments, hosted by Corrigan Sports. The entire event takes place June 30-July 3 and has tournaments for underclass, uncommitted and of course the senior all­star game; for both boys and girls. All games take place at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland. Yesterday the underclass Command Boys division entered their…


Lax Library: 2-2-2 Man-Up Pick & Roll Play

February 2, 2015

We are very excited to be here on In Lacrosse We Trust. Lacrosse Library plans to bring you all the best drills and plays from college and professional indoor and outdoor lacrosse here on ILWT twice every month. We saw a youth team from Texas run this same Man-Up Play four or five times successfully in one game at a tournament in California last fall. Try this simple play in practice and games to…


Lax Library: 2-on-1 5-Pass Drill from the Pros!

December 10, 2014

We are very excited for our first featured section on In Lacrosse We Trust! Lacrosse Library plans to bring you all the best drills and plays from college and professional indoor and outdoor lacrosse here on ILWT twice every month. We first saw this high-speed practice drill at training camp for one of the NLL teams this year. Even though this is a drill that Pro players do, you can use it…


Recapping NXT Philly Showcase 2014

November 16, 2014

The NXT Lacrosse Philly Showcase is happening this weekend.  The event kicked off Friday night in South Philadelphia at the fields on 10th & Bigler St.  Due to frost and the cold weather it had to be moved from the grass field at Citizens Bank Park. It started off with a seventh grade All-Star game with kids from Philadelphia and New Jersey, followed by another All-Star game with the eighth…


Video: In Lacrosse, the Goalie Should Be Your Most Athletic Player

October 27, 2014

Being a goaltender in lacrosse is no easy task. There are specific skill sets required, a higher level of athletic ability, reflexes, and a strong lacrosse IQ. Coaches always told me that the goalie should be the most athletic player on the roster. One of ILWT’s writers, Ryan Conwell, grew up in Liverpool, NY, which is a “suburb” of Syracuse. One of the high school’s is called Baldwinsville, and thanks…


Lacrosse Is Heading to Houston, Dallas or Austin, Texas

September 1, 2014

Lacrosse dominates the northeast USA and all of Canada, and has experienced a recent explosion of popularity in Utah, Colorado and Idaho. Youth leagues and elite travel teams are developed everywhere. High school success in the east gets players into colleges, travel teams and off season play get these westerners in the spotlight. The more time I spend in Colorado is the more exposure I get to the lacrosse culture…