Guide to Stringing Lacrosse Sticks

September 13, 2014

When a young player goes to string their stick for the first time, there’s a lot of pressure. If they mess up, it will hinder their practice participation because they’ll be ‘off’ or fixing their stick. I learned by unstringing my lacrosse stick, then trying to put it back together. It took a lot of memory and practice, but I got it pretty quickly. Before that, my sticks were strung…


Exclusive Insider: Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Cup

August 31, 2014

The Rocky Mountain Lacrosse cup brings together the top high school players from around the state in three main age pools of U11, U15 and U17. The event brings in a few local colleges, but Title 9 heavily restricts Colorado colleges from establishing D-I programs. [Insight from tournament coaches] This Labor Day tournament is well timed because most families are home and a three-day weekend allows easier travel. To create…


Things Only Went Right in Groundbreaking MLL Championship

August 24, 2014

The 2014 Championship came down to the final minute of regulation. High intensity surged throughout the entire match and therefore, very little went wrong for either team. What went right for both the Rattlers and Outlaws was quite a bit. ENVIRONMENT Atlanta surpassed all expectations with a powerful crowd of over 8,000 at Fifth Third Bank Stadium. Supporters all around came out to the event: followers of the teams in…


Thompsons Reintroduced Nativity to the Medicine Game

August 21, 2014

This past 2014 NCAA lacrosse season was subject to some major changes. Realignments and plans of future for conferences, Duke 3-peating, and, of course, Miles, Lyle and Ty Thompson. The Thompsons all attended University of Albany to play lacrosse but there was more behind their reasons. Throughout NCAA history, all the “good native American players” were picked up by Syracuse University, or in other terms, “bought out.” When the two…


Australia’s Hopes Never Higher Than Lacrosse Right Now

July 8, 2014

THE CULTURE The Outback is a place internationally recognized for its ‘rough and tumble’ environment and people. Though “the outback” is just a small dot geographically on a huge island, the citizens of Australia aren’t pushovers either. People of Australia have always had a reputation of being tough and able of handling themselves.  They have their own styles of sports which are usually much more dangerous than those more traditionally…


Israel Looks For Gains and Strengths in Denver 2014

July 7, 2014

The last time I saw Team Israel play was admittedly a poor showing for them. I was granted an opportunity back in mid-spring to see some of the team in a preseason match against the Lizards, who left the game dominating the scoreboard. THE ROSTER A week away from heading into the 2014 FIL Tournament in Denver, Israel has arrived in Colorado and begun roster preparations. The next few days…


Rattlers Notebook: Looking for Consistency in Second Half

June 20, 2014

As we approach the midway point through the 2014 season, the Rattlers have been productive but inconsistent. They currently stand at 4-3 which puts them in third place overall of the MLL. In addition Rochester also enters their next match up against the Outlaws, whom they previously lost to this season 14-8 on May 17, and Denver stands in first place having only lost one game in the past two…


Thunder Look to Electrify Lakers

June 18, 2014

Thunder are 4-4. Lakers are 3-3. The same players lead the stats boards. Tonight, the Lakers will be electric; it’s just a matter of weather it’s the good or deadly kind. LANGLEY Alex Turner and Athan Iannucci continue to lead the Thunder with 35 and 30 points respectively. After them, Brett Baron, Tyler Melnyk, Tom Johnson and Daniel McQuade are all in the teens with points.  Both Brodie MacDonald and…


Thunder Host Shamrocks As Victoria Looks for Momentum

June 11, 2014

The Langley Thunder come rumbling into this matchup one mere game ahead of the Victoria Shamrocks. Game time is tonight 7:45 pm in Langley, E.C. THE STATS Shamrocks are led by offensive powerhouse Corey Small who has recorded 28 points (15 goals, 13 assists) in just nine games. He’s been a League Leader and Top Three Star for ILWT this week The ironic side of Small is that this team averages…