Major League Lacrosse Week Ten Power Rankings

This week changed quite a bit of the thinking that goes into these MLL power rankings. The Bayhawks lost, the Hounds won and the Lizards lost two to the Rattlers. On to the rankings.

1. Chesapeake Bayhawks- The Bayhawks did suffer a loss to the then two-win Charlotte Hounds, but they still have just two losses all season and have major pieces that can lead them to Championship Weekend.

2. Boston Cannons- If a team ever needed a win, it was Boston. After a 4-1 start, they needed to stop their slump and they did in Hamilton to move back into second place.

3. Denver Outlaws- Denver picked up a good win at home on Wednesday night against Ohio to leave them tied for second place with the Cannons and only one game out of first place.

4. Long Island Lizards- Long Island had a chance to move to the top, but they lost twice in the same week to the Rochester Rattlers to fall down the totem pole.

5. Rochester Rattlers- Rochester is not ranked ahead of LI because overall I still feel the Lizards are a better team, but the Rats sure did open some eyes this weekend.

6. Charlotte Hounds- The Hounds picked up a huge win over Chesapeake this weekend that actually puts them into the playoff hunt at 3-6.

7. Hamilton Nationals- Hamilton needed a win pretty badly this weekend at home, but they fell to 2-6 thanks to a loss to Boston.

8. Ohio Machine- They fell on Wednesday night to Denver.

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