MLL Week 9 Three Stars

Lots of players deserved to be recognized. Jovan Miller for making Sportscenters Top 10 is great for him and the lacrosse world. Along with Steven Boyle’s five point performance and Jordan Burke’s 18 saves against a very talented and strong Hamilton offense. The three stars I picked showed their leadership skills when they were needed the most.

Matt Danowski receives my first star. When the game’s on the line, this guy knows just what to do and how to do it. Scoring three of his four goals in the last 1:30 of the game the other night, he showed his veteran status and kept calm under the pressure. Not to mention that his game winning two-point shot was from an additional 2-3 yards out from the top of the two-point arc. Beating Chesapeake is not easy what so ever, but when you have a guy like Danowski, who is a closer, Charlotte knows getting that W doesn’t seem farfetched.

Ari Sussman is my second star from this weekend. Boston needed a win in the worst way and Sussman stepped up. With the help of his teammates, Sussman and the Cannons came out victorious over the Nationals, 15-13. Ari recorded six points on the night, scoring five goals and adding an assist.

John Galloway takes home the final star of the start to the second half of the MLL season. His leadership and goal-tending skills were a big help in Rochester’s two victories over the Long Island Lizards. Making 21 saves in Friday’s game while only allowing 8 goals is usually unheard of in the MLL and John did just that. He will make saves that should be goals and doesn’t quit making them. Stopping the Lizards is also one of the hardest tasks to do, especially when they win five in a row. Doing it twice in a row is even harder. Apparently Galloway and the Rattlers didn’t get the memo.