MLL Week Seven Power Rankings

Things have gotten confusing. The Cannons are losing games. Rochester has emerged, and then fallen again, while Long Island is dominating. It all makes out for some interesting power rankings.

1. Chesapeake Bayhawks- The Bayhawks are playing all around good lacrosse right now. They’ve taken over first place by themselves, and are clicking everywhere they have to. They deserve to be atop the rankings.

2. Long Island Lizards- I’m a Lizards believer. I am on the bandwagon. Long Island has had such a bad luck year with players, and they still go out and win three in a row. I think we all forgot they have CJ Costabile now after a trade with the Hawks. They can just build around him if they want. Lizards look for real.

3. Boston Cannons- Cannons, what’s going on? You were easily the most dominant team in lacrosse. Now two losses in a row; one in which they gave up seventeen goals, and in one they scored just ten. Very un-Cannons like.

4. Hamilton Nationals- The Nationals have won two in a row and their talent is starting to come out. A very young team, they just needed to get around the learning curve.

5. Denver Outlaws- I really am not sold on Denver like I should be. They have some good players, but overall their roster is rather unproven. Are they a championship team?

6. Rochester Rattlers- If not for the beating they were handed this week, Rochester would be higher in these rankings. They are starting to look like a solid lacrosse team.

7. Ohio Machine- It’s hard for expansion teams to succeed, and this is the category Ohio falls under. They have some good veterans, but overall it will take a while for this team to come together.

8. Charlotte Hounds- Charlotte is also an expansion team, but with their talent, they have less of an excuse. Do I need to talk about faceoffs again?

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