NALL Three Stars: Boston Sweeps

The Boston Rockhoppers began their season with a win over Kentucky, and with that win they sweep in this week’s three star awards.

Andrew Kirkaldy- Boston Kirkaldy scored five goals in the victory to lead the Rockhoppers, scoring half of their goals. Kirkaldy, who was on the Boston roster last season also had an assist in the contest.

Nick Schroeder- Boston Schroeder made 40 saves in the win for Boston. Schroeder, who played in the Boston win over Kentucky last season, stifled the Stickhorses in the second half to help Boston get their first win of 2013.

Jon Hayes- Boston Hayes scored two goals in the win for Boston as their second leading scorer behind just the five goals of Kirkaldy.

Some honorable mentions are Kentucky new comers Spencer Lyons and Travis Bland. Lyons made 37 saves in a losing effort while Bland picked up two goals in his NALL season debut.