NCAA Power Rankings: April 27

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If you didn’t make time to watch any NCAA lacrosse this past weekend, you need to sit down and figure out how you are going to change that in the next few weeks.  The ACC and Patriot champs have been determined and next weekend will see everyone else fight it out.  There was a ton of churn on the top six teams as all but two lost a game.  By this time next week, we will know our NCAA tournament field.


Records and scores are including games from April 26.
1        Syracuse        Record: 11-2        InLax Score: 181.38          Previous: 4
Syracuse has appeared in the conference championship game every single year they have been in a conference.  This year, they were able to secure a win over Duke after avenging a loss from earlier in the season to North Carolina.  Next up is a road date with Colgate, who is also fresh off a conference championship, taking the Patriot league over the weekend.  A win there should lock the Orange in for an overall #1 seed.


2        Denver                       Record: 11-2        InLax Score: 171.35        Previous: 5
Denver mostly is moving up here due to losses in the ACC and Maryland’s loss to Hopkins.  They took care of business against Marquette and are still in the driver’s seat for the Big East title and a home game in the NCAA tournament.


3        Duke        Record: 11-5        InLax Score: 141.06        Previous: 6
I’ll be honest.  I was less than impressed with Duke’s win over Notre Dame.  I felt Fowler in goal was outstanding, but the game was more about Notre Dame having a totally off day.  Sunday on the other hand, Duke looked like they are ready for championship weekend.  Myles Jones had the best performance I have ever personally seen from him and their faceoff unit was a true team.  Once again, Duke is peaking at the right time.


4        North Carolina        Record: 12-3        InLax Score: 164.61        Previous: 3
North Carolina played a tough game against Syracuse, only losing by a goal.  They beat up the Orange in the process, but now are idle until the NCAA tournament begins with only losses to Notre Dame and Syracuse to think about.  This team absolutely can make it to championship weekend, which would break an uncomfortably long drought for the former champs.


5        Notre Dame        Record: 9-2        InLax Score: 154.67        Previous: 1
The Irish were about as off as you could possibly be against Duke.  They just couldn’t do anything right until the fourth quarter rolled around.  That’s when the reeled off six goals in six minutes and made it a four goal game with four minutes left.  A comeback seemed possible, but Duke made the stops they needed to a delivered the final blow as the shot clock was expiring, eating up a ton of clock and adding another point to the scoreboard.  Don’t expect another game like this from the Irish.  5 is probably not fair, but when you rank teams against who lost, they looked pretty bad in theirs.


6        Maryland        Record: 12-2        InLax Score: 172.67        Previous: 2
Maryland could have made life miserable for the pollsters with all the upsets in ACC land, but they did not.  Instead, they lost to Hopkins, giving the Jays postseason eligibility and losing the top seed in the first ever B1G conference tournament.  Maryland has been losing steam as of late, which is not a good thing.


7        Albany        Record: 13-2        InLax Score: 180.10        Previous: 7
Albany beat up on Siena and UMBC by combined 27 points.  This offense is something else.  If they lose their conference, they will cause the selection committee some headaches.  I really want to see this team play Maryland.


8        Virginia           Record: 10-4        InLax Score: 103.20        Previous: 9
Virginia took care of business in the ACC showcase game and demolished Penn.  Even though the Quakers made a late run, the game was never close.  The big question for the Cavaliers now is if they will get a home game in the NCAA tournament.


9        Brown        Record: 12-3        InLax Score: 137.29        Previous: 11
Brown won two games this week and were rewarded with the duties of hosting the Ivy League tournament.  They will welcome Cornell, Yale, and Princeton into town.  Watch those games.  NCAA implications are huge.


10        Stony Brook        Record: 12-4        InLax Score: 117.39        Previous: 10
Stony Brook topped Hartford in overtime, which was less than stellar.  They need to beat Albany for the conference title, otherwise they will probably be watching games on TV in May.


11        Cornell            Record: 10-4        InLax Score: 120.40      Previous: 14
Cornell scored a big win over Princeton and will see them again in the first round of the Ivy tournament on Friday.  Cornell probably doesn’t need to win the tournament, but would help them sleep better.


12        Yale        Record: 9-4        InLax Score: 107.51        Previous: 8
Yale dropped a tough game to Harvard, but are still good enough to get into the Ivy tournament.  They will face host Brown in the first round.


13        Richmond        Record: 10-4        InLax Score: 114.12        Previous: 15
The Spiders topped Mercer and are looking very good to take their conference’s bid into the NCAAs for the second straight year.  Remarkable for such a young program.


14        Georgetown        Record: 9-5        InLax Score: 81.89        Previous: 16
Georgetown topped St. John’s and is now on the long list of bubble teams.  The Big Easy Tournament win is a must for them.


15        Colgate         Record: 10-4        InLax Score: 93.44        Previous: Unranked
Colgate finished the weekend with the Patriot League title, locking up an NCAA bid in the process.  Given how unpredictable that league was this year, that is definitely something to be proud of.  They host Syracuse next, which will be no easy task.


16        Ohio State        Record: 10-5        InLax Score: 87.15        Previous: 12
They lost to Rutgers.  Badly.


17        Marist                       Record: 11-3        InLax Score: 114.91        Previous: 20
Marist topped Siena, but still needs to close out the MAAC, which they will be hosting.


18        Fairfield         Record: 9-5        InLax Score: 91.11        Previous: 19
Fairfield topped Hofstra and is now in control of the Colonial conference.


19        Army        Record: 10-6        InLax Score: 119.95        Previous: 17
Army played their way into the Patriot League finals, which was great, but not enough.  They play Notre Dame next, which could slide them nicely into the NCAA tournament if they win.  A loss means they need plenty of help on selection Sunday.


20        Navy        Record: 8-5        InLax Score: 66.29        Previous: 13
Navy won the rights to host the Patriot League tournament, but were eliminated right away by Army.  Add them to the list of teams hoping Maryland and Denver don’t falter in their conference tournaments.



Dropped out: Princeton, Towson

Next five in consideration: St. Joe’s, Hopkins, Marquette, Princeton, Towson

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