Ups, downs, and a M*A*S*H unit: Week 12 MLL Power Rankings


As we head into Week 12 of the MLL season things are starting to appear in high relief, or perhaps that’s a deceptive perspective. The gap at the top of the table is so narrow now that you have to squint to see it. Similarly, the differences between the teams at the bottom of the table fade into the ether as well. All have their flaws, but some teams have been able to patch things together and make a go of it, while others with so much potential have withered like a rose in a drought.

  1. New York Lizards – For the first time all season I seriously considered bumping New York from the top spot. The eked by a very good Chesapeake team last week, due in part to the continued performance of Drew Adams. The offense gets all the glory, but Adams has made so many saves this year he is more than a write-in candidate for team MVP.
  2. Boston Cannons – The Cannons waltzed into the Mile High City and beat the Outlaws for the second straight year on the Fourth of July. The 2015 installment was a decimation that left the Outlaws battered and bruised. Whether those wounds were more significant on the physical or mental end is a salient question. Three two-pointers from Ryan Tucker was a sight to behold.
  3. Ohio Machine – With the lead they had in the first half it’s almost shocking that the Machine fell apart in the second half against Rochester. Ok, maybe that’s over-stating it a bit. After all, beating a team twice in a season is hard enough, let alone in back-to-back games. There won’t be too much panic in the Machine locker room though. The Kids Are Alright and are likely playoff-bound despite this minor setback.
  4. Chesapeake Bayhawks – A few weeks ago the Bayhawks were left for dead, since that time they’ve rattled off some impressive wins and made a solid case for the playoffs. They dropped a heart-breaker to the Lizards last week, but are playing some of their best ball of the season right now. Don’t expect Coach Cottle to miss the playoffs two years in a row.
  5. Rochester Rattlers – What a comeback against Ohio, eh? The Rattlers aren’t out of the woods yet, but they have more of a fighting chance to make the playoffs than the teams behind them. Mark Matthews injected some freshness into an offense that seemed a bit complacent lately.
  6. Denver Outlaws – Honestly, Denver could easily be lower, but body of work over the course of the season keeps them in the six spot. This season the Outlaws have resembled a M*A*S*H unit more than a lacrosse team. If only B. J. O’Hara had a stronger resemblance to Alan Alda. But then again, GM Tony Seaman…. Never mind….
  7. Florida Launch – The Boys from Boca are on a tear right now. They put together a solid 58:10 against Charlotte. Lyle Thompson finally had the breakout game we’ve all been waiting for, and Austin Kaut played like he was back at Penn State. A Queener-Kaut tandem could make things interesting in Florida.
  8. Charlotte Hounds – The Hounds had no answer for “in the zone” Lyle Thompson, or is that just regular Lyle? Regardless, that Florida attack is pretty good, as Coach Cerino said before the game last week. Had Charlotte won they would have moved up from 7 to 6, but the loss halts their momentum and Florida has a bit more of it so for this week, the two teams at the bottom swap spots.

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