Women’s Power Rankings: Maryland Leads

1. Maryland (15-1)—Entering the final game of the season, Maryland is still just a one-loss team, setting them up for what they hope is a winning run in the playoffs.

2. Florida (14-2)—The Gators have won six straight games, making them one of the strongest teams in the league this season, and one of the hottest teams right now. Their last regular season game will be against Northwestern on April 19.

3. Massachusetts (13-1)—UMass has been an absolute force this season, having won four straight games. Their final opponents this regular season do not include any big name competitors, so the chance of finishing the regular season with just one loss is highly probable.

4. Syracuse (13-1)—The Orange came to play last Saturday when they handed North Carolina just their second loss of the season. Their last game of the season is this Saturday against Notre Dame, who has been playing well as of late.

5. North Carolina (12-2)—Lacrosse fans were waiting all season to see N. Carolina face off against Syracuse, and players did not disappoint. Unfortunately for the Tarheels, they ended up on the losing end of things, falling to 9-12 to Syracuse. This is their second loss in the last two games.

6. Johns Hopkins (11-2)—The last three games for Johns Hopkins were tough, losing two in a row and almost falling to Northwestern for what would have been their third loss on the season. Struggling so close to tournament play is not ideal for any team, so regrouping will be necessary if they want to make a deep playoff run.

7. Boston College (11-4)—BC has been a bit inconsistent the past several games, but have still earned an impressive record on the season thus far. If they can get back to their consistent winning ways, they may be a surprise competitor during the playoffs. 

8. Northwestern (9-4)—Last week, Northwestern game Johns Hopkins a run for their money, but ultimately fell 11-12. Next they will face Florida, the hottest team right now. That being said, Northwestern has been playing well lately and could surprise the Gators by handing them an upset.

9. Notre Dame (9-5)—On April 19, Notre Dame will face Syracuse, one of the best teams in NCAAW. This will also be their last game of the regular season, so going out on a winning note is ideal.

10. Duke (8-6)—After winning six straight games, the Blue Devils fell to Notre Dame in a close one last Friday. They are just one of the latest teams to lose against the Irish, a team that has a tendency to show up for games against big opponents.