Women’s Power Rankings: New England Teams

The NCAA lacrosse season is approaching, and we get ready with some very early power rankings.
1.      Massachusetts- In 2013, Massachusetts outshined all of New England in lacrosse, finishing their season at 18-3. Keeping pace from last year is definitely in the forefront for 2014.
2.      Dartmouth- among Ivy League, Dartmouth was impressive in 2013, but an 11-8 record was a slight disappointment. Improvement on offense will help the team fair better in the upcoming season.
3.      UConn- For an institution like UConn, a 13-5 record and getting knocked out in the first round of the playoffs is a huge disappointment. A good record means nothing if you can’t capitalize off of it when it really matters.
4.      Boston College- After their 11-8 loss against Dartmouth in the first round of post-season play last season, the Eagles are hoping to come back fighting in 2014. BC had the opportunity to host a fall ball tournament, a great opportunity to see up close what other teams around the league were doing to improve. No question they will use this to their advantage.
5.      Yale- the Bulldogs ended at 8-7 last year, but had some tough losses against some abysmal teams. The 2014 roster hopes to bring consistency back to the field of play.
6.      Brown- With most of their 2013 squad returning for another year, Brown should be able to maintain some of the same success for last season. Winning the 50-50 balls could be the difference between 9-6 and 12-3 for this team, as they won about 50% of them last season.
7.      Fairfield- A final record of 10-8 in 2013 was nothing short of disappointing for a team who, just the year before, finished 13-4. Making it back to the NCAA tournament is definitely in the 2014 plan.
8.      New Hampshire- Tucked away in Durham, New Hampshire, people tend to forget about UNH. With a 2013 record of 6-11, this team was not overly impressive, but many of their losses were only by a goal. This team could have ended their season just as easily at 10-7 with a little more offensive energy.
9.      Boston University- BU finished a disappointing 6-10 on the season and was unable to make it into tournament play.
10.     Harvard- As far as Ivy League and Division I lacrosse goes, Harvard was at the bottom of the barrel, finishing at just 3-11. What will surely be another rebuilding year in 2014, I once again do not expect much from the Crimson Tide.