MILA: Co Champions Likely, Sabertooths Attempted Game with Grand Rapids in Omaha

After an initial report a few days ago regarding the Midwest Indoor Lacrosse Association playoffs, some new details have emerged. According to a source, the Colorado Sabertooths and Grand Rapids Dragonfish will likely be named co champions, as originally reported.

However, some more details have come alive. According to this source, the Sabertooths and Dragonfish had agreed on a tentative basis to play a Championship game in Omaha. However, it was then moved back to Milwaukee.

According to Matt Ogden, the owner of the Sabertooths, he received an email from commissioner Chip Rossetti last night that it may come down to crowning a co champion, an no formal announcements have been made regarding a championship game and that he is looking at every possible option.

There remains the possibility the game is still played in Omaha this week. However, it is unlikely that games will be played after October 15th, as both teams have NLL players whose contracts activate on that day.

Ogden can be quoted as saying, “The Colorado Sabertooths are excited about the opportunity to  play the Grand Rapids Dragonfish. They are the defending champions and have proven they are a force in the MILA by going undefeated this season.   However, we realize the league has been going through some growing pains and a true championship game may not be possible this year.  It will be a huge disappointment if we are unable to play the Dragonfish in a championship game.  Coaches Brian Langtry and John Gallant have been pushing the Sabertooths with a team goal of winning the MILA title.  We were hoping that meeting in Omaha would be a good compromise but if this does not work out then we have no choice but to be satisfied with being MILA Co Champions.”

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