ILWT Feature: Medicine Game was therapeutic process for author Delby Powless

December 11, 2020

Books written about lacrosse are few and far between. When they are, you know they’re going to be good because how many people would write about lacrosse unless they had a passion for the game? Today we get to do something fun and chat with the author of one of the best new books of the season, and of course it’s about lacrosse. Medicine Game is written by Delby Powless,…


REVIEW: Powless’ Medicine Game should be under every lacrosse fan’s Christmas tree

December 10, 2020

My first job was at Chapters, which was the family business as I grew up. I am a book snob. I have no problem admitting that. While the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” has generally come to mean “don’t judge a person by their looks,” I absolutely judge actual books by their covers. I mean, you can take one look at a romance novel and know everything…


ILWT Feature: Signature Lacrosse becoming one of lacrosse’s most recognizable brands

November 5, 2020

Lacrosse continues to grow and that growth births new companies all looking to supply the booming industry with the newest equipment created with the latest advancements. When I started playing, there were two main equipment suppliers: Brine and STX, and you picked between the two. It wasn’t until David Marrow founded Warrior Lacrosse that there was another viable option in lacrosse equipment. Warrior made their name selling titanium shafts that proved stronger than…


Warp-speed for Wesley Berg

January 18, 2018

It’s a snowy Wednesday night in southeast Calgary, but a group of young lacrosse players are busy working up a sweat as they run through an hour-long training session. Among the instructors is an unassuming, relaxed looking Wesley Berg. However, when Berg speaks, he instantly commands the attention of the players. At age 24, few people have amassed the kind of resume that Berg possesses, and the kids relish the…


Tribe7’s Robert Littell: Mad scientist or visionary?

April 18, 2017

Welcome to an outside the box interview! Well, actually we’re stepping outside the box and kicking it aside! I had a chance to sit down with the founder and head of Tribe7 Lacrosse, Rob Littell. Thanks to Rob for taking the time to speak with me.   You played in the North/South All Star Game and at Brown for Dom Starsia.  Pretty safe to say you love lacrosse?   Lacrosse…


@ConnectLAX + @RealiDLacrosse Showcase = Exposure to the Right Coaches and Programs

February 7, 2016

The iD Showcase at Macalester College in the heart of the Twin Cities (MN) will be on Monday & Tuesday, June 20-21, 2016. At the iD Showcase, 25 college coaches from all over the country will be accessible to Midwest players through recruiting, on-field instruction, and recruiting education. This will be the only Midwest recruiting showcase with an East Coast model: held on a college campus and coached by NCAA coaches. ConnectLAX, whose online recruiting platform…


One on One With Tomahawk Shades

September 13, 2015

Stepping outside the box and want to welcome Tomahawk Shades, an MLL sponsor, and say thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. First off can you introduce the people behind Tomahawk Shades to the ILWT readers? – Behind the scenes are myself (Andrew Shapiro) and my twin brother and partner Ryan Shapiro. We like to consider ourselves the Tomahawk Twins Your company has an…


Guardian Announces 2015 Men’s Champions

August 7, 2015

After three grueling days of head-to-head competition and evaluation, Guardian Sports is proud to announce that Collin Modelski,  2016 from De Paul Catholic High School and Brotherhood Travel Lacrosse in New Jersey, is the men’s overall winner for The 2nd Annual Guardian National Championship. Guardian National Champion Collin Modelski, DePaul Catholic HS and Brotherhood Lacrosse In it’s second year, The Guardian National Championship (GNC) is the largest lacrosse goalie-specific showcase bringing together the…


Guardian Sports Announces Frank Menschner Memorial Scholarships

July 13, 2015

Guardian Sports today announced that Jason Rose (2018 Garnet Valley HS), Gunnar Marks (2019 Don Bosco Prep HS) and Jakob Katzen (2016 Wilmington Friends HS) are the first three recipients of the Frank Menschner Memorial Scholarship.  The Frank Menschner Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Guardian Sports board member and fixture in the Philadelphia lacrosse community Frank W. Meschner.  The scholarships will give aspiring lacrosse goalies the opportunity…