MLL 2012 Attendance Averages

With the 2012 MLL season now in the books, it is time to look at the average attendances of the eight member clubs. Who led the league? Who was a surprise? Who disappointed?

From the MLL Pointstreak page:

Boston 67,534 7 9,647
Chesapeake 66,668 7 9,524
Denver 59,471 7 8,495
Charlotte 39,988 7 5,712
Rochester 25,548 7 3,649
Ohio 24,876 7 3,553
Long Island 17,147 7 2,449
Hamilton 10,775 7 1,539

Boston in the lead is not surprising. They often are a top team in attendance and are coming off of a championship season.

Denver had a rough start and they still never reached the 12,000 they averaged last year. They still rebounded this season, after they started with about a 4,000 a game average.

Chesapeake saw an increase of about 1,000 a game, averaging around 8,000 last season. After Chesapeake, however, there is a bad drop off.

Rochester is at 3,649 which is almost an entire one thousand less than last season. Long Island also has 1,000 less at 2,449.

Ohio is in the 3,000s which is not bad at all for an expansion team. But they are outdone by Charlotte, who almost got 6k a game, beating out older teams like Long Island and Hamilton.

Hamilton is worst in the league for a second season in a row, their second year in the league. They are around 300 better than last year as far as their average attendance, so maybe they could rebound and get better.

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