Wheeling Jesuit Wins Three Times This Weekend

March 10, 2014

Ever since I graduated from Wheeling Jesuit University in 2004, I’ve made it a habit to check scores on laxpower to see how the program was doing.  Even though I graduated 10 years ago, I am still very proud of the program and the time I spent at WJU.  Whenever I found myself driving cross-country, I made a stop on campus to just drive around and keep the memories fresh….


Lisi Blog: All About Modeling

There has been a recent buzz surrounding the “culture” of lacrosse.  I go back and forth on the overall direction lacrosse is headed given its recent history and “trends.” There’s no doubt that a lot of people at a variety of levels have given the gift of lacrosse to a lot of people.  Our sport is growing at an amazing clip. Whether it’s handing a stick to a young person…

January 16, 2014

Coaches Blog: Strategies of the Pro Level

A lot of people are probably wondering what the top players and coaches do to prepare for professional lacrosse games.  The truth is that a good chunk of the “base” preparation is done well before players and coaches reach the pro level.  Almost all professional lacrosse players have superior levels of talent and skill relative to their positions.  Aside from excellent skills and abilities, having a high level of understanding…

January 4, 2014

Let’s Talk Defense

December 17, 2013

Any time your team does not have the ball, you are on defense.  Yes attackmen, this means you are also defenders! Three defensive areas we’ll cover this week: 1) Using the lines on the field as 2nd defenders (i.e. sidelines, end lines and creases) 2) Using your eyes to play defense 3) Using your feet to play defense USING LINES AS A 2ND DEFENDER Any time a ball carrier is…


Lisi: Advice from the Recruting Trail

I’m learning an awful lot from my current adventures on the recruiting trail. I have compiled some solid advice for teams and players. I spent a lot of time as a select team coordinator and coach and I want to share some observations and mistakes as I see teams make; some of which I also made in the past. COACHES: Remember this is a showcase event for your players. As…

November 28, 2013

Coaches Blog: Room for Improvement

November 17, 2013

BIO: Corning East (Upstate NY) Defenseman, Finger Lakes Community College Midfield/Attack, Niagara Hawks (CanAm Senior B) Transition/Defense, US Indoor Lacrosse Defenseman, Kentucky Stickhorses Defenseman 2011/2012   Each week we will explore various skills and how each skill is critical to the sport of lacrosse.  I believe that in order to continually get better, an athlete must have the ability to be self-aware and have a passion for continuing to learn…