Inferno look for Revenge against the Demons

This weekend the Brampton Inferno kick off their season as they visit the Oshweken Demons. The Demons are 1-0 on the season after defeating the Iroquois Ironmen 18-15 last weekend.

The Demons proved last week that even without Chris Atwood that they could still get the job done. Jeff Powless was stellar in net while the player of the game for the Demons was Wayne Van Every who was named the SURGE Offensive player of the week for his six goal and two assist performance. If this game was any indication of the Demon’s fire power other teams should be afraid.

The Inferno had last week off but are ready to kick off the season. In their last pre game of the season the Inferno defeated the Toronto Shooting Stars 11-9 in a rough affair. The Inferno saw some key performances in this game from Mark Tinning who had 3 goals and two assists  while offseason acquisition  Ryan Campbell scored two goals and had two assists.

Key players to watch in this game will be the goaltenders as both teams are known for their explosive offenses. Keep an eye out on Jeff Powless who will have to stand on his head in order to keep the Demons in this game. While for the Inferno who have yet to settle on a starting goalie it is a great chance for  one of Jay Preece, Rick McCullough, Erick McClaren or Steve Fryer to step up and take the starting job.

For Oshweken their strategy to this game has to be to run and gun just like they did against the Ironmen last Saturday. The Demons want to pour it on early and often forcing Brampton to have to work from behind and play catch up. If the Demons get an early lead it will be hard for the Inferno to catch up as Jeff Powless will frustrate the Inferno while the Demons will continue to score and keep the lead away from the Inferno.

For Brampton they need to avoid getting into an all out shoot out against the Demons as they do not have the goaltending to contend with the fire power of the Demons. For Brampton they need to play a physical game and grind out the Demons on the boards and in fights for loose balls. Ben McCullough will be key to this as he needs to impose his physical will on Wayne Van Every and force him to pay for every shot he takes. If the Inferno can take over the physical game against the Demons they will be able to win this game.

In the end I think the Demons offense will be to much for the Inferno. I feel that the Demons offense will spread the ball out and win the transition game which will enable them to take advantage of Brampton’s weakness in goal. This game will look very similar to the Demon’s first game against the Ironmen  with both teams getting goals in bunches but Jeff Powless standing tall in net and gaining the victory.

Be sure to check out the game it starts at 1pm at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena or can be watched online at