WLA Draft Recap: MacIntosh Goes First

The Western Lacrosse Association held their draft last night and we saw many familiar faces get drafted. The Salmonbellies selected Ohio State star Logan Schuss in the first round and we saw Mike Mallory of the Philadelphia Wings go to the Burrards. Cody Hawkins of the Rochester Knighthawks went to the Adanacs while Maple Ridge also got transition man Jaeden Gastaldo of the Colorado Mammoth. For full results, see below.

Round 1

Maple Ridge – Ben MacIntosh- Coquitlam Junior Adanacs

New Westminster – Logan Schuss- Delta Islanders

New Westminster – Jeff Cornwall- Coquitlam Adanacs

Burnaby- Robert Church- Coquitlam Adanacs

Coquitlam- Marty Dinsdale- Coquitlam Adanacs

Burnaby- Tyler Digby- New Westminster Salmonbellies

Langley- Brandon Goodwin- New Westminster Salmonbellies

Round 2

Maple Ridge- Mike Mallory- Delta Islanders

Coquitlam- Kevin Neufeld- Coquitlam Adanacs

New Wesminster- Reid Mydske- New Westminster Salmonbellies

New Westminster- Keegan Bal- New Westminster Salmonbellies

Coquitlam- Cody Hawkins- Delta Islanders

Maple Ridge- Jaeden Gastaldo- Langley Thunder

Langley- Trent Hawke- Coquitlam Adanacs

Round 3

Burnaby- Hamish Brindle- Delta Islanders

Nanaimo- Paul Brebber- Victoria Shamrocks

New Westminster- Reagan Harding- New Westminster Salmonbellies

Maple Ridge- Carson Michaud- Port Coquitlam Saints

Coquitlam- James Delaney- Okotoks Raiders

Victoria- Jake Emms- Victoria Shamrocks

Burnaby- Nathan Kline- Coquitlam Adanacs

Round 4

Victoria- Kyle Dexter- Okotoks Raiders

Nanaimo- Tom Newton- New Westminster Salmonbellies

New Westminster- Matt Zinn- Delta Islanders

Burnaby- Richard Lachlan- Port Coquitlam Saints

Coquitlam- Cody L’Arrivee- Port Coquitlam Saints

Victoria- Adam Brown- Victoria Shamrocks

Langley- Hugh Weir- Coquitlam Adanacs

Round 5

Maple Ridge- Alex Lohr- New Westminster Salmonbellies

Nanaimo- Glen Foley- Victoria Shamrocks

Victoria- Blair Pinnock- Victoria Shamrocks

Burnaby- Brock Whiteley- Port Coquitlam Saints

Coquitlam- Colton Dow- Langley Thunder

Victoria- Oliver Phillips- Victoria Shamrocks

Langley- James Jackson- Langley Thunder

Round 6

Maple Ridge- Shea Wakefield- Victoria Shamrocks

Nanaimo- Braden Kimta- Victoria Shamrocks

New Westminster- Cody Craven- Coquitlam Adanacs

Burnaby- Brian Gillis- Langley Thunder

Coquitlam- Patrick Bayliss- Langley Thunder

Victoria- Josh Fagen- Victoria Shamrocks

Langley- Kevin Shoemaker- Coquiitlam Adanacs

Round 7

Maple Ridge- Dayton Pagliericci- Langley Thudner

Nanaimo- Ross Radliffe- Nanaimo Timbermen

New Westminster- David Beaumont- Burnaby Lakers

Burnaby- Andrew Bromley- Port Coquitlam Saints

Coquitlam- Cam Paterson- Port Moody

Victoria- Jason Greg- Victoria Shamrocks

Langley- Keenan Lambright- Langley Thunder

Round 8

Maple Ridge- Chris Jones

Nanaimo- Adam Backular-Evans

New Westminster- Ryan Schmidt

Burnaby- Dane O’Neil

Coquitlam- Kris Liset

Victoria- Pass

Langley- Scott Muscroft

Round 9

Maple Ridge- Rino Minni

Nanaimo- Mark Poker

New Westminster- Sando Falbo

Burnaby- Emerson Shamberg

Coquitlam- Michael Kennedy

Victoria- Pass

Langley- Pass

Round 10

Maple Ridge- Jishan Sharpies

Nanaimo- Bryan Dougan

New Westminster- Joshua Becker

Burnaby- Nick Kozuback

Coquitlam- Jake Baker

Victoria- Pass

Langley- Pass

Round 11

Maple Ridge- Pass

Nanaimo- Marino Best

New Westminster- Callum Daillly

Burnaby- Jamie Malanfant

Burnaby- Pass

Victoria- Pass

Langley- Pass

Round 12

Maple Ridge- Pass

Nanaimo- Pass

New Westminster- Pass

Burnaby- Pass

Coquitlam- Josh Siemen

Victoria- Pass

Langley- Pass.