Panos Q&A: American Indoor, Shamrocks, Florida Lax


Chris Panos is an American lacrosse icon as an NLL veteran, Mann Cup champion, and an NCAA assistant coach. He has carved the path for American indoor lacrosse players in the past decade. He will provide a weekly column based on your questions by using the hashtag #PanosQA

What made you come west to Victoria?

I was fortunate to play for the Victoria Shamrocks in the summer of 1999, and enjoyed having the chance to play in Western Canada with some outstanding players and a first class organization. It was a great experience and really helped my overall skill development playing box lacrosse in the NLL.

What is the state of American indoor lacrosse?

The state of indoor lacrosse in America is still developing and will improve slowly with qualified coaches with true indoor experience. It will take consistent training and skill development before we can truly see the evolution of indoor lacrosse in America. More and more kids are playing indoor lacrosse to improve their skills, so I see an upward trend with indoor lacrosse in the United States.

What are the biggest differences playing indoor and outdoor?

The biggest differences from indoor and field lacrosse would the 30 second shot clock, the 5 vs 5 gameplay with boards and glass like hockey, penalties, as well as the speed and transition of the flow of players that substitute on and off the floor. Also, the goalies play in smaller nets, and the goaltenders are padded from head to toe. Although their are many differences, these would be some of the major ones.

What is the state of lacrosse in Florida?

The state of lacrosse in Florida is very exciting. With the consistent warm weather, theses players are able to train year round and it gives the players optimum training conditions to close the gap on some of the more traditional lacrosse areas in the USA. You are really seeing the growth from the grassroots programs, and I look forward to seeing more players from the sunshine state making a name for themselves in the sport of lacrosse.

How would you describe the evolution of the sport?

Some of the evolution would certainly have to include equipment design, advancement in technology for equipment and sticks. In addition, the players have become bigger, stronger and faster at all positions with more players playing year round. Also, some of the rules have been implemented to assist with improving the overall safety of the game.