Komer Blog: Megamen Come in Fourth in Ales Hrebesky

Photo Credit: Martin Bouda Once again I attended the Aleš Hrebesky Memorial tournament in the Czech Republic this year. I didn’t feel like entering my Love You To Death team with Plunkett this time around because sometimes it’s too hard to find dudes that are good at lacrosse, and that aren’t sketchy, but I agreed to play for my old buddies from the Boston Megamen. Here is a long-winded account of…

May 7, 2014

Komer Blog: Prez Cup Champs

September 3, 2013

We, The Saints, beat the hosting Kahnawake Mohawks 8-5 to win the President’s Cup, bringing a senior title back to St. Catharines for the first time since…. I have no idea. I don’t know history stuff. So, I write this having poured, in celebration, a good deal of whiskey into my face, which was then absorbed by my stomach, released into my bloodstream, and pumped up to my battered brain….


Komer Blog: Saints Take Two

August 28, 2013

We (the Saint Catherine’s Saints) are here in Kahnawake for the 2013 Presidents Cup, which runs from August 26- Sept 1st. Our first game — the first of the whole tournament, was Monday morning at the inexcusable hour of 9am. Have you ever taken shots off of your body at that hour? It’s nuts. Our opponent had it worse, as they were from Calgary. So 9am here is some ridiculous…


Komer Blog: Prague Tournament Recap

May 5, 2013

On the eve of Sunday April 21st, a few of us flew out of Toronto to Prague for the Ales Hrebesky Memorial lacrosse tournament. This was first time I entered my own team since we won the whole shebang in 2011. I also won with the Boston Megamen last year. No big deal. For me it’s actually more difficult to lose than to win in lacrosse, or pretty much anything…


Komer Blog: Blizzard Fall to Brampton

February 11, 2013

I was supposed to get the day off on Saturday. Derek Collins played well as my relief in our previous game (when I somehow ended up in net as a ghost), so he got the nod for Saturday’s game against Brampton. I suppose a different way to look at it is that I was blessed with the opportunity to run the one door on the bench. A few problems there……


Komer Blog: Blizzard Lose Game One

January 28, 2013

On Saturday I had to wake up at the ungodly hour of 9:30am– which I guess is pushing it a bit for a 1pm game on the reserve. However, for a guy that goes to sleep at 4am every night and wakes up at 11am every morning, every Barrie Blizzard game this CLax being an afternoon one is just musician-crippling. I guess whoever scheduled our games never considered that I…