Cannons Look to Leap Bayhawks

Tonight the Boston Cannons have an opportunity to leap past the Chesapeake Bayhawks in the MLL standings on a game that will air on the CBS Sports Network.After their overtime win against Charlotte two weeks ago, the Cannons are now 5-5 and in fourth place in Major League Lacrosse. Ajead of them by one game at 6-4 are the Bayhawks who defeated the Ohio Machine when they last took the field.

The big news about this game is the return of Casey Powell to Major League Lacrosse. He will be in the lineup for the Bayhawks for the first time all season. For the Cannons, they will see Cam Flint back who missed last game with travel restrictions. Matt Poskay should also be back from injury.

The Cannons defeated the Bayhawks earlier in this season in Boston in an overtime game, the first win of the season for Boston. Chesapeake had been 3-0 at the time.

Chesapeake is on a two game winning streak and the Cannons a four gamer, so something has to give. Chesapeake defeated Hamilton and Ohio while Boston beat New York, Ohio and Charlotte two times.

Paul Rabil has 14 points in these four games since John Tucker took over as head coach, but he is nursing an injury that held him out of the all star game. Will that be enough for the Bayhawks to contain him?

Game time is tonight at 7:30pm in Annapolis on CBS Sports Network.