Cannons vs Nationals Unit by Unit

The Cannons and Nationals will face off tonight in a rematch of the MLL Championship game, where the Nats try to get into the playoff picture and the Cannons try to regain their groove. Here is how they match up.


The Cannons have the advantage, scoring more than anyone in the league this season. Hamilton has some great scorers, like Casey Powell and Cody Jamieson, but I doubt they will be able to have the same firepower as Boston does. Paul Rabil, Matt Poskay, Kevin Buchanan and Ryan Boyle are some of the best in the game.


Advantage goes to Hamilton because of Brodie Merrill and Kyle Rubisch. Boston does have a good defense, but it’s hard to beat two of the best defensemen in the game.


This goes to the Cannons. Brett Queener and Scott Rodgers do a good job for the Nationals, but Jordan Burke might be the best goalie in MLL and he was the Championship MVP of last season. So the Cannons have to win in this department.