Dominik Pesek Welcomes Challenges of North American Lax

In lacrosse it is very rare to see a player outside of North America make it to the pros. Dominik Pesek, a top prospect with the jr Victoria Shamrocks, could be on the road to changing that.Pesek wouldn’t be the first Czech to make it to the National Lacrosse League, but he would be one of a handful. “ It would be great if I actually could play in the NLL but its a long way.” says Pesek. “But more than a pride I hope that young guys in Czech will try to do the same thing as I did and come over to play junior lacrosse and hopefully get in Sr league or NLL.”

Pesek is eligible for the NLL draft this year. In the regular season with the Shamrocks, Pesek scored 59 points in 20 games. He had a shooting percentage of 25% as well.

“The biggest leap I think will be playing with adults, they have more experience and are stronger and tougher.” Pesek says about the challenges of playing in the NLL.

Lacrosse is a sport that does not see a lot of European players, unlike the National Hockey League that has a large majority of non American players. The NLL does too, but it is a Canadian dominant sport. Pesek says he hopes the door might open for the Czechs to become a lacrosse powerhouse.

“I hope that with the Czech indoor national team we will close the gap soon that’s between us and USA and hopefully get a bronze medal from World games”