Dube Blog: USA Indoor Tryouts Open

Its great to have a LAX weekend. Since we lost in the playoffs my weekends have been working on the house, chopping wood and getting ready for winter. While I like doing it and my wife likes to have me home there’s just something about a weekend of good intense lacrosse. Plus it’s a bye week for the Pats so I might as well hit the road.
That being said I will take the green mountains and livestock of Vermont over strip malls and New York traffic any day of the week. I like the ride north, even to Ottawa much better. Getting down south on a Friday after working a whole day was rough, but Bloodhound Gang radio (Since T. Swift decided to put holes in my playlists) helped and we made it with some time to spare.
I don’t have much to say about the tryout as it went fairly quick. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but everything was very well organized and got going just as promised. It was a short session tonight but with good intensity, running the floor to start and then getting after it with some live 2v2s. The D looked pretty dominant early, guys are athletic and can get physical. They helped wake us up real quick and good thing too as there were plenty of reps to be had.
It’s good to see a group of guys as enthusiastic about BOX as I am out there. I see it a little back home in New Hampshire, but to see guys come out strong cross checking and setting hard picks and going to the net is great. So frequently you play in an organized American game or Tournament and it’s just so soft you can’t get into it, not here though it’s a group of guys that want to get after it. Time for me to catch up on some sleep though—5 am was a long time ago.