Hounds Keep Rights to Carroll; Ghitelman Concussion?

As the Charlotte Hounds prepare to get their 2013 season underway, they held media day this past Saturday.  Fans of the team have many lingering questions that are begging to be answered, and it’s my job to find them out.  So, to work I went. Firstly many people are wondering about Casey Carroll and his health.  He has an amazing story and has been a pleasure to cover, however with his knee injury; Duke, the Hounds, and Carroll have been pretty tight lipped; therefore, mission number one for me was to inform you, the fans, of Carroll’s “real” status.  Along the way I managed to find some other little snippets of information that are very intriguing for the up coming season.

As usual when it comes to Carroll I got some sideways answers; not too many people are willing to state much about him.  I was finally able to track down a source within the Hounds, who would prefer not to have his name mentioned. That source reports something very troubling about Carroll.  From what was gathered, Carroll’s knee surgery went well, and his recovery is moving along according to schedule.  That’s not the troubling part; however, because this source also reports that Carroll seems to have his heart set on returning to Duke for one more season to achieve his masters.  Upon further questioning, I found out that the Hounds will retain rights to Carroll should he decide to stay with Duke for yet another season.  This can be good news because, the team will see how he recovers with the knee; however Carroll’s age has to pose some serious questions for the Hounds.
In other news I also witnessed starting Hounds goalie, Adam Ghitelman, doing concussion tests.  After the tests I tried to get a statement; however Ghitelman was preoccupied with the team trainer.  I did get a small statement saying “I feel fine, but my balance seems to be a little off.”  Although this is not a long term problem it could mean something for the swiftly approaching season, as the loss for just one gave of Ghitelman at goalie could be detrimental to the Hounds.
Finally, I am sure as fans you will be pleased to know the face off drills went very well, and it looks as if the Hounds have also fixed their ground ball issues.  In the upcoming season the face off X will be the deciding factor in how the season goes for the Hounds.  All and all a good practice for the men on the team, and the future is looking bright for the Hounds.
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