Jacksonville Bullies Cease Operations for 2012

According to Chris Milo, the owner of the Jacksonville Bullies of the Professional Lacrosse League, the Bullies will cease operations for the remainder of the 2012 season.

According to several sources, this means that the Reading Rockets will play their to remaining games with the Charlotte Copperheads but all of the Bullies games will be cancelled.

Milo stated problems with New Jersey going dormant to start the year and then other problems throughout the league and said it would be best for the Bullies to start a new marketing approach for 2013 and focus their energy towards rebuilding.

Jacksonville had their game cancelled this weekend, and had been in first place in the PLL at 3-1, two games ahead of the 1-1 Charlotte Copperheads.

Jacksonville last played against the Rockets, where they won at home in overtime. It is unclear how these games with the rest of the league will be made up, and if a team like the Syracuse Stingers will step in for them or not. All that is known now is that the Bullies are the fourth PLL affiliated team to cease operations before completing a season.