John Grant Jr Speaks on his Amazing Year

Editors Note- John Grant Jr has had an amazing year, winning MLL and CLA titles and an NLL MVP. He spoke to LaxWorm Radio on The Lacrosse Radio Network on Thursday night, and our newest intern, Fago Franklin, has the transcribed version.

Is there anything else you want to do this season, before we start next season?

JGJ: Actually I am in the of season , so ummm I guess rest. I am trying to take a couple of weeks off than Monday get ready for the Mammoth  season. I am getting pretty excited, three weeks of not practing  has given me a weird feeling.

I say that because MLL with the Bayhawks who had won a champsionship, than you go out to Peterborough in MSL and win a Championship. You are the points leader in the NLL, third in assists, second in power plays and the leagues in MVP. You had quite a season in both.

JGJ: I mean yeah, I love playing and I was fortunate to be on some excellent teams. Yeah I had got on a roll with Colorado. I did not think I was going to keep that pace up but I was able to continue. It was started with the young group , that they had  brought in to help me out.

After you won the championship, I had spoke to you. It was interesting because someone before me asked you a question  and you made a comment, ‘He asked me if I was going to retire.” Why did that bother you ?

JGJ: Why would that bother me now?I think age is just a number. You retire when you are not affective. I know I’m not affective as I used to be, but I am not going to retire unless my coach or my wife pries me away. I do not see that happening anytime soon.

You had won two MVP awards, which one you thought was sweeter?

JGJ: Well I would not say one was sweeter than the other, we had won the championship. Anytime you could say that you was in MVP in a championship, it shows that you have helped the team. I would like to get to be in the championship a few more times.

How has the game changed since you first started?

JGJ: Athlectism, younger people are coming a lot faster and stronger. When I first started Lacrosse players was a lot slower. You need to have all around skills not just set skills. That  is what separates great players from good players.

Lets talk about the business side of Lacrosse. You got the union talking about the players. What is your view on the union?

JGJ: I think there should be a voice outside the players.

What do you do for fun or in your off season?

JGJ: I usually Golf and now I have a two year old daughter that keeps me occupied now.