Meet an NLL Prospect: Kyle Periera

We’ve shown you a lot of the prospects drafted to the Toronto Rock, and we continue today with Kyle Periera.

What was draft day like for you?
Draft day was pretty nerve racking for me, as im sure it was for all of the other prospects. Unfortunately being in school in Halifax I wasnt able to be there in Toronto, so I just went about my day as usual and then watched the Draft live online with a couple of my good friends. To hear my name called was a huge thrill for my family and I, and having been drafted by the hometown Toronto Rock makes it that much more special.
What went on in your head before the draft began?
While I waited for the draft I was pretty nervous. I was not quite sure how it all worked or what to expect. I was definitely thrilled to even be talked about on that type of elite stage of players. And having taken 5 years off of lacrosse while I played Jr hockey and then having the opportunity to be drafted was pretty exciting so I tried to enjoy the whole experience as much as I could, but I’d definitely be lying if I said I wasnt pretty nervous.
Were your expectations any different?
To be honest I didnt have too many expectations. I wasnt sure how it would all pan out, especially having been away from the game for a few years. I knew that being drafted would be a huge thrill and accomplishment and I just hoped it would all work out. Watching online and hearing Toronto call my name was something very special and I couldnt be happier to be a prospect in the Toronto Rock organization.
What interaction have you had with the Rock since the draft?
I have spoken to the Rock on the phone. Just talked a little bit about what the plan might be going forward as far as my development to be able to crack the lineup sometime in the near future. They have great resources for prospects to develop with the new practice facility and I am just really excited to get going and work to prove that they made the right choice in drafting.
5. What are your thoughts on joining Toronto?
Having the privilege to be drafted by the Toronto Rock is definitely a dream come true. I grew up as a kid a Huge Rock fan, and I vividly remember going to games in my Jim Veltman jersey and watching them win championships — and to now be drafted by them is very surreal. That being said, being drafted is one thing, and I understand that now is when the real work starts to go out and prove that I can be an impact player for them. I cannot wait to get going and I will definitely do everything in my power to make sure I am as ready as I can possibly be to go out and hopefully impress the staff, both this year and for years to come.
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