MLL All-Star Game Picks

The MLL All-Star Game is now only a few days away, and today our MLL staff sat down to decide what each of our game picks were for the leagues greatest showcase. The game can be watched live on ESPN 2 this Saturday at 7:50 from Boca Raton Florida. The game isn’t exactly a throw in, for even though it doesn’t matter in the standings all the players are competitive and want to put on a good show for the fans of Florida, who are hoping to get an MLL team in the near future. Who wins the battle of Old School vs. Young Guns? Our writers weigh in, and our split on the topic.

  • Marisa Ingemi: Young Guns, 15-12
  • Jack Goods: Young Guns, 18-17
  • Phil Shore: Old School, 19-16
  • Dallas Brown: Old School, 12-8

Who do you think will win this weekend’s All-Star game? Comment below with your final score, or any opinions you have on this weekend’s all-star game! Have you seen the uniforms? What do you think?

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