One on One With: David Earl

Last night I spoke with Hamilton Nationals midfielder David Earl about the season thus far, the game against the Rattlers this week and what to expect from the Nats going forward.

What has this season been like for you? : Season is just getting going for us. We are a team with obviously a lot of NLL players so this is the time of the year when we all start to click with a few games under our belt (with everyone back). We have a championship caliber team that gets along extremely well. We need to start putting together some Ws.

What do you look to do against the Rattlers this week? : Offensively we need to be more patient and not try to force plays early in possessions. If we do that, we will be a tough team to stop on O. Defensively, communication and team D is huge. We have to work together with communication, slides, backside help, etc. to make sure we only give up poor angle or deep shots. From there, Queener & Scotty will do the rest.

What have you enjoyed most this season? : Just being around the guys on my team has been an absolute blast. Everyone gets along so well and enjoys each others company that it is hard not too have a good time around these guys.

What is next for the Nationals? : Hopefully a championship. We have such a talented group of players. I am confident we will be battling until the final game this season. Once we click, we will be a fun team to watch. I feel a big win streak coming…

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