PLL: Baltimore blazes with weather and good lacrosse

Archers 14 Atlas 13 OT

Archers LC (6-1) took aim against Atlas (2-5), coming up victorious 14-13 in overtime in Saturday’s first game at Homewood Field. Tom Schreiber scored the game winning goal 3:48 into the extra frame.

Schreiber, who was touted as the midfielder of the world by the announcers, ended the game with two goals and two assists to lead Archers. Atlas was led by Chris Gray’s five goals (including a 2-pt goal) and two assists. As usual, Trevor Baptiste won almost all of his faceoffs for Atlas, and Atlas won the goaltending battle with Jack Concannon saving 55.2% of his shots. However, even all of that was not enough for Atlas to find their way to a win.

The Archers outscored Atlas in the first and fourth. The first quarter saw goals come in pairs for Archers LC. Matt Moore and Connor Maher each scored for before Eric Law answered for Atlas. Connor Fields and Mac O’Keefe answered back for the Archers before Eric Law had the last goal for Atlas. The quarter ended with the Archers up 4-2.

Fields and Gray jumped into a scoring battle with each scoring twice in quarter 2 before Xander Dickson jumped into the scoring mix. Danny Logan and Bryan Costabile each added Atlas points before going into the half, with Atlas outscoring Archers 5-2 in the second. Going into the half, it appeared that this was going to be a tight game if both teams could stop the other team’s runs.

Each team scored twice in the third quarter. Gray and Gavin Adler scored for Atlas while Latrell Harris and O’Keefe scored for the Archers. As seen in previous years, this game was close going into the last quarter of regulation play.

Three Atlas players scored in the fourth. Gray, Costabile and Dickson finished out their scoring for the day, while Schreiber, O’Keefe, Maher and Jared Conners scored for the Archers.

Heading into OT, everyone seemed to know that if the Archers won, it would be because of the man deemed the greatest midfielder in the world.

That man, Schreiber, indeed ended the game with a solid goal. He had a pick set, went around the defender, and fired into the upper part of the goal. With sideline cries of “Thank God, thank God,” Captain America earned his nickname. Schreiber is the only midfielder at the top of the scoring platform.

And Schreiber, known for being humble, directed the praise away from himself:  “It was all Mac O’Keefe.  He hustled, he took a good shot… We were able to put it in the back of the net; but it was all him.”


Whipsnakes 12 Chrome 5

The second game on Saturday was between the Whipsnakes (3-4) and Chrome (1-6). Chrome seemed a little dull as the Whipsnakes rattled them and ended up with a decisive 12-5 win.

Chrome’s leader was Cross Ferrara, scoring three of their five goals. Jordan MacIntosh scored the other two. Chrome’s offense and midfield struggled to beat Whipsnakes goalie Brendan Krebs, who recorded a save percentage of over 70%.

For the Whipsnakes, Mike Chanenchuk was rattling the Chrome pipes. He ended Saturday night with three goals, one 2-point goal and one assist.

“We got the win. That’s all that matters,” Chanenchuk said. “Our young guys are stepping up. We’re getting everyone healthy… These games are just playoff games going forward.”

Chanenchuk was quick to make this all about his team.  They’re hoping he can strike the next few opponents to help the Whipsnakes make it to the postseason.