PLL: Chrome knocks off another top-rated team

Colin Heacock of Chrome. (Photo: PLL)

Chrome Lacrosse Club scored late in the fourth quarter and held the undefeated Archers Lacrosse Club to only one goal at the end of the game to upset a dominant lacrosse team for the second week in a row, taking the 8-7 win in Friday night PLL action. The group of lacrosse veterans on Chrome seem to have found their niche in the Premier Lacrosse League these last two weeks. Although last week’s victory over Whipsnakes was a high-scoring affair, Friday’s victory was only a 15-goal total event. The Archers came into the game undefeated and scoring 12 or more goals a game. That changed in this game.

The teams seemed evenly matched in terms of scoring. Both teams scored three goals by the end of the first quarter, and two goals at the end of the second quarter. Chrome outscored Archers 2-1 in the third, and that proved to be the difference maker each team only found the back of the net once in the fourth. And, while several times it appeared that the Archers were going to come back, it never materialized.

In a pre-game interview, Tom Schreiber said, “We’re just clicking on a lot of different levels. Our defense is playing incredibly well. I think the O is getting a lot of credit; but those guys are playing extremely well.” Unfortunately for Schreiber and the other Archers, they seemed to quiver at times in this one.

Schreiber still pulled in three points with two goals and one assist. Several players contributed a goal each and Grant Ament muscled out three assists. However, it was not enough to overcome Colin Heacock and Chrome.

Heacock had four goals and Tommy Palasek had two goals and one assist. Surprisingly, Mike Manley and Ned Crotty were both held without and goals or assists, otherwise the game could have quickly turned into a greater scoring affair.

And even though Chrome had eight more turnovers than the Archers, and five fewer caused turnovers, the defense still found a way to come up strong to support the offense.

Heacock credited the defense at the end of the game. “They just gave us opportunity after opportunity.”

Added John Galloway, “We have a chip. Our group has a chip on our shoulder.” He went on to mention injuries and more. The bottom line is, Chrome is sparkling again after knocking off the top-rated teams 2 weeks in a row.

Last week head coach Tim Soudan reminded his team that, despite being underdogs, they believed in themselves, and that they could win. Can they make it three in a row? They’ll find out today as they face Atlas at 3:15 p.m. on peacock.