Talbot Blog: Courage, Commitment and Hard Work

Hello everyone!

It feels like forever since my last entry. Life hit me pretty hard this past year and it feels like I’m still trying to catch up! But enough with my non goalie life. This year marks a very special one for the Voyageurs as the team founders Jeff Culkin and Mike Dee agreed to sell the team to some of the long-time players. Jeff, Mike and everyone else involved in the Voyageurs have set the standard for what has become the destination for box lacrosse players in the United States. Joe Evans, Trevor Wagar, Brandon Dube and Ethan Ferrel are now the owners of the team and they have done a tremendous job so far making sure the team meets the high standards set by Jeff and Mike.

The story behind the Voyageurs is a courageous one. It serves has proof for many things; one of them being that actions speak louder than word. I’m sure most of us are surrounded by people who mean well, people who want to do good and want to do something to better themselves. Although very few people actually go out and take action. It takes courage to prove something to someone, not knowing what the outcome will be. It takes courage to say to someone I’m going to stop talking now and prove to you that this is going to work and that I’m worth it. The Voyageurs family is full of people that lead by example in that regard. It would have been easy for Jeff and Mike to drop the team when things were not going as well as they anticipated or when they were confronted with unexpected challenges. Even more, it would have been easy for them to take the easy way out when they were thrown out of their comfort zone. It would have been easy for them to quit and just become one of those American box lacrosse teams that never succeeded and, to be honest, who would have blamed them for that?

The reason why the team is successful is not because we say we want to be successful, it’s because we try, every day, to be successful. Our young team is full of committed players that make this thing a reality.

Until next time – Vince