Photos: Providence Lacrosse Facilities

We were invited to a tour of Providence Lacrosse’s facilities following their scrimmage on Friday, November 7.  We’ve included some photos below of their state of the art film, locker and weight rooms.


This wing of the building is strictly built for the men’s lacrosse team, which is impossible to miss right as you walk in.


In the common area for the coaches’ offices, a few of the program’s awards are proudly on display.


Coach Chris Gabrielli addresses the team following their scrimmage in the film room.


The film room is centered around the large touch screen monitor and the whiteboard walls to allow for easy film review and play diagrams all in one place.


These leather seats are very welcoming for the team and feature writing surfaces for when the coaches are going over new concepts or reviewing past film.


Along the back wall are the years of some various accomplishments for the program.  Both players and coaches alike are hoping to add some more dates up here next season.


To keep the team motivated, they award points for different activities through the week.  It includes small things like keeping their lockers clean to bigger events such as GPA and scrimmage results.  They use an arbitrary point system, but the team has a lot of fun with it.



The lounge area is located at the intersection between the film room, coaches’ area and locker room.  It provides a great spot to either wind down after practices or gather before.








Stepping into the locker room for the first time makes any lacrosse fan’s jaw drop.  Each locker is setup specifically for lacrosse and there’s also another TV with speakers throughout the area to get the team up before heading out to the field.




The weight room available to the team allows for all sorts of activities in one place.  The best part about this area is that it is only shared between the hockey and lacrosse programs, giving the team plenty of flexibility to get in when they need it.





The coaching staff was very excited to show off these facilities and it is very clear why.  What they have available to them easily rivals any program in the country.  What’s even more exciting are the future plans in place.  Despite all this recent investment, Providence College is still planning on enhancing the athletics facilities to include a lacrosse-only stadium located directly next to the team offices.  We look forward to seeing these plans come to fruition as Providence continues to work towards being a top team in the Big East and NCAA.