2015 MLL Championship: An Analysis

August 9, 2015

It seems like few things in the sports world rarely follow the script that appears to be written.  Few champions are ever undefeated.  “Teams of Destiny” always seem to be watching someone else celebrate at the end of a game.  Underdogs pull off the unexpected upsets.  For the 2015 MLL season, this will be one of the few times that the season long favorites finished with a championship.  The New…


What the Black Wolves Need This Offseason

August 7, 2015

In the Black Wolves’ inaugural season, things started out strong with wins in their first two games.  Unfortunately for New England fans, the Black Wolves would only win two more games before finishing in last place.  The season also ended with Head Coach Blane Harrison resigning due to personal commitments.  This is not to say that things are all doom and gloom for the new franchise. Even though new coach…


What to Watch for in the MLL Week Ten

June 20, 2015

With the All-Star game in the books, it is now time for the MLL to collectively take a breath and get ready for an intense finale to the regular season.  While every team will say they take things one game at a time, I’m not part of any MLL team, so let’s take a look at everything coming down the road in the next few weeks.  Here are the top…


MLL All-Stars: Breaking Down the Attack

June 13, 2015

The MLL All-Star game always comes at a strange time in the lacrosse calendar.  Several NLL stars have yet to log significant minutes, and most rookies have done the same assuming they have even seen the field.  But, the great thing about the MLL is there is so much talent on the field that it is hard to argue that the All-Star selections do not represent the best in the…


Gear Review: True Temper Lacrosse

June 6, 2015

True Temper Sports has been one of those companies that you never heard of, but probably used their products.  According to their website, they have been designing and manufacturing shafts as a supplier for other lacrosse brands since 2004.  With lacrosse growing the way that it is, they have decided to enter the market with their own brand of lacrosse shafts, True. What this means is that there is a…


Cannons Blast Launch at Gillette

June 2, 2015

When the Florida Launch traveled up to Boston, they did so with the hope that getting their main attack line of Casey Powell, Kieren McArdle, and Lyle Thompson would finally get their offense on the right track this season.  Unfortunately for the Launch, nothing seemed to go right for them while the Cannons were able to capitalize on nearly every opportunity they had on their way to a 13-9 victory….


NCAA Championships: The Best Weekend of the Year

May 30, 2015

The NCAA Championship Weekend is my favorite weekend of the year.  I have gone every year since 2007, only missing 2008 and 2011 in that span.  Even in those years, I did go see the quarterfinals the week before.  The reasons why I enjoy this event are numerous, but they were all confirmed once again this year.  Here’s a little run down of the weekend and why I keep coming…


Limestone Takes the 2015 Division II Championship

May 24, 2015

Going into the Division II title game, the story was offense versus defense.  Limestone had the nation’s top offense with 17.54 average goals per game while Lemoyne only allowed 6.56 on average.  To be fair, both teams were in the top five in both categories, so this was going to be a great game.   Despite the high offensive numbers going into the game, Limestone coach J.B. Clarke said knowing…


NCAA Second Round Preview

May 11, 2015

Now that the first round of the NCAA has wrapped up, we can take a look at who moved on, who didn’t, and what to expect this weekend.  There are going to be four excellent games as teams are fighting for those four coveted spots at Championship weekend in Philadelphia.  Every one of these games is a can’t miss affair since every single one is a rematch of a game…


Quick Take: Duke’s Final Four Streak is Over

May 9, 2015

In the Saturday nightcap of NCAA action, Duke played host to the Ohio State Buckeyes.  Ohio State had played some teams tough this year, scored some big upsets, but also had some real head scratchers in the their record.  When the dust settled though, Ohio State would leave North Carolina with the biggest upset of the tournament so far.   The first quarter was unsettling slow.  Duke had really turned…