2013 NLL Free Agency: Buffalo Bandits

We will be looking at all of the team needs for the National Lacrosse League today, and we begin today by looking at the free agents of the Buffalo Bandits. After we look at each team in the league, we will look at who they could look to bring in from an outside source, and who they will be looking to draft.

Buffalo Bandits

Anthony Cosmo – The Bandits acquired Cosmo from the Minnesota Swarm last season for two draft picks. They might want to keep him around to get their value from that trade.

Darryl Gibson- A defender but expendable, would not be surprised if he does not sign.

Matt Giles- Giles had a surprisingly good year last season, they may keep him as a secondary scorer.

Jon Harasym- Played in seventeen games last year and no goals. He won 33% faceoffs though, they would probably rather keep him than Francis.

John Tavares- Tavares is always the question mark of if he will play again, if he does he will be back in Buffalo.

Mike Thompson- I have a feeling it will be either Cosmo or Thompson and not both. They have to decide who they want.

Chris White- They should want to keep White who is one of the best defenders in the league.

Ken Montour – Montour has missed so much time it is hard to say.

Restricted FAs: Kevin Buchanan , Brandon Francis, Ian Llord , Jay Thorimbert , Steve Priolo

The Bandits were not happy with the season from Kevin Buchanan, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he is gone. Same with Francis if they keep Harasym.

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