2014 NLL Draft Prospects 40-31

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31. F Tyler Ferreira—Dowling, Brampton Jr A

At 6’1″ and 155, Ferreira will be a beast when he grows into his body. The forward had 33 points this past season with Brampton, and he has made the jump from Jr B to Jr A with much success. He’s a goal scorer, netting more than he assists, and could be an asset on a team who needs a lefty.

Projection: Fourth round, Connecticut or Colorado

32. F Ryan Watson—Tampa, Burnaby Jr A

Watson didn’t play in 2014 but he has the potential to be a big assists guy. He’s 6’2″ so he’s a big forward and his potential scoring ability should be noticed. He scored 46 in 20 games with Burnaby in 2011, but since then he has also played with Langley and Delta before joining Burnaby again.

Projection: Fourth round, Vancouver or Colorado

33. D Connor Eustace—Hobart, Brampton Sr A

Eustace played nine games in Brampton this season after playing his junior ball with Newmarket. He never played Jr A, but he was good enough with the Saints that Brampton picked him up. In the Excelsiors’ dismal year he was a bright spot on the defense. At 5’10” and 185 lbs he isn’t overwhelming but hustles and plays bigger than he is.

Projection: Fifth round, Colorado or Toronto

34. F Brandon Goodwin—Adelphi, Coquitlam Sr A

Goodwin has spent three years in the WLA now with Langley at first and Coquitlam for the past two seasons. Goodwin, a product of New Westminster, has his stock rising with current NLL GMs and could go earlier than expected. He had 27 points in 15 games for the Adanacs this season.

Projection: Early fifth round, Vancouver or Minnesota

35. F Macgregor Johnston—Lake Erie, Nanaimo Sr A

Johnston is another product of Lake Erie, a Division 2 school we will see a lot of NLL players drafted out of this season. The 6’1″ righty forward has put up a modest amount of points, 28 last season, and isn’t explosive but is a very heady player on the floor and uses his size to his advantage. Averages around 2.5 points per game.

Projection: Late fourth round or early fifth round, Edmonton or Calgary

36. F Brett Fleming—Nanaimo Jr A

Fleming is another Nanaimo product, this time with their junior club. Undersized at 5’9″, he still put up 32 points this year and 41 in 2013. He had 20 assists overall and is a terrific passer with good hands in front of the net. Has played every game over the past three seasons.

Projection: Late fifth round early sixth round, Calgary or Vancouver

37. G Michael Fournier—Orangeville Jr A

The third goalie projected to go in this draft. Fournier has been a stud with the Northmen dynasty and had a goals against of 8.96 this season. His career average is 8.91 and he won a Minto Cup in 2012 with the team. He had a 7.40 goals against in the playoffs this season as well.

Projection: Fifth round, Toronto

38. F Seth Laidlaw—Wilfred Laurier, Halton Hills Jr B

A junior B product always has a tougher road than a Junior A player. Laidlaw had 19 points in limited games this season but had a career high 74 with the Bulldogs last year. He looks a lot like Dylan Goddard of last year, a Junior B stud, with teams a little more shaky to take a chance.

Projection: Fourth round, Connecticut or Colorado

39. F Peyton Lupul—BCIT, Burnaby Jr A, Maple Ridge Sr A

Lupul broke out this season with 60 points in Burnaby to become a legitimate draft prospect. He had 43 last season but in a competitive BCJALL, those 60 points put him in the top 50. In the 2014 WLA playoffs he was even called up to Maple Ridge for five games where he added three goals and three assists.

Projection: Late fourth round early fifth round, Minnesota or Vancouver

40. G Donovan Fleisher—John Abbott, Peterborough Jr A

The Lakers junior goalie has played for two seasons in the system. He had an 11.61 goals against average this season and a 9.17 last season where he played 844 minutes. His playoffs goals against is 9.90. Before making the jump to the Lakers, he played Junior B with Kahnawake and Six Nations.