2014 NLL Mock Draft: Round Two

10. Minnesota: Alexis Buque- Buque was never ranked because he just declared for the draft. But he is far and away the best goalie in the draft and the Swarm might be looking to add goaltending depth as they go into the season with Zach Higgins as their starter.

11. Vancouver: Paul Brebber- Ranked at #14, he Nanaimo defender is the third ranked defender on the list. He can score a bit for a d-man and being on the west coast he’s a good option for a Stealth club that could use defensive depth.

12. Buffalo: Matt Crough- Ranked at #13, Crough had 154 goals in four junior seasons in Peterborough. He’s being overlooked as a scorer and he could make a team, if only the practice roster. Buffalo is a solid team looking to get younger so Crough makes sense.

13. Colorado: Mike Melnychenko- Ranked at #10, I have the feeling that Colorado will be forward-heavy in the draft. Melnychenko is a lefty and the Mammoth could use depth on that side.

14. Buffalo: Casey Jackson- Jackson went unranked due to declaring late but he would have been at the #11 spot if he had been an option when the rankings were made. He can score, like Crough, and could see time on a roster.

15. New England: Brandon Benn- Ranked at #12, Benn is a lot like Mark Cockerton in the fact that he hasn’t played a lot of indoor lacrosse. He does now have professional experience with the MLL and had good ability when he did play, seems like a good fit for New England.

16. Calgary: Tyler Melnyk- Ranked at #15, Tyler Melnyk is a fantastic scorer isolated in the RMLL, a lower ranking Jr A league. However, 217 points speak for themselves. Being out of Calgary he’s an easy option for the Riggers.

17. Toronto: Rodd Squire Jr- Went unranked due to declaring late, but would have been in the #17-#15 range. Good scorer and has won a Minto Cup. Has a lot of ability and will see roster time.

18. Buffalo: Todd Nakaskuji- Ranked at #11, another Jr B guy looking to get a shot in the pro ranks. Nakaskuji had 106 points in three Junior B seasons. Buffalo has a lot of picks so they can take risks, and they took a similar player in Dylan Goddard last season.

19. Edmonton: Matt Melnyk – Ranked at #20, the brother of Tyler Melnyk but instead a stud defenseman. He is a good bet for Edmonton, being another Alberta team with Melnyk playing in the RMLL, and the Rush like defensemen.