Prospects In the Mann Cup

With the Mann Cup kicking off on Friday here are four prospects you should watch out for in the final.

1. Mitch Jones: Jones has had a great rookie season for the Shamrocks as he put up 17 goals and 23 assists for 40 points on the season. Jones also stepped up his game in the playoffs as he had seven points in only four games played during the Shamrocks playoff run. Expect Jones to once again step up in the Mann Cup final with the absence of Corey Small.

2. Tyler Hass: Hass had a decent rookie season  for the Shamrocks as he put up eleven goals and three assists for 14 points on the season. Hass playoff run was even more impressive as he had six goals and six assists in ten games played. Hass will be someone that the Chiefs will need to watch as he has picked up his game in the playoffs and will be a key piece if the Shamrocks hope to have any success.

3. Evan Kirk: Out of all the rookies mentioned so far Kirk probably has the most pressure put on him a he will need to be solid in net for the chiefs if they hope to win the Mann Cup. Kirk had a great rookie season posting a 13-2 record and a 7.63 G.A.A. While in the playoffs Kirk was a perfect 9-0 with a 6.44 G.A.A. Kirk will need to continue his strong play as he will face a strong Shamrocks offense and will need to shut them down. To help the Chiefs win the Mann Cup.

4. David Brock: Brock was a great source of secondary offense for the chiefs this year posting five goals and seven assists for 12 points.  Brock would be even more impressive during the Chiefs playoff run as he had seven points in nine games and was a big part of the Chiefs offense in the playoffs. Brock will need to continue to be a source of secondary offense in the Mann Cup because the Chiefs main trio of Colin Doyle, Craig Point, and Cody Jamieson will be defended heavily and Brock will need to act as a second option.